Meet Madame K In B.C.

I became a Pro Dominatrix to embrace my true nature of a Kinkster, Sadist, Sensual, and Sexy goddess! My whole life I have had to apologize and hide these beautiful gifts and now I don’t have to anymore…HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!! So, because I have given myself permission to truly live and now work my kinky lifestyle, I can lovingly help you do the same. As a Certified Personal and Group Fitness Specialist, one of my favourite things is combining my love of fitness with torture. I have created Kinky Workouts and Torture with Fitness Sessions as my specialty to bring joy and pain to the masses.

I expect all my slaves/subbies to financially gift me every time you have the honour of serving and worshiping your Madame. If you are a GOOD little subby I will reward you with pain and pleasure. If you are a BAD subby you will be kicked off The Sunshine Island of Madame K forever!!!

Madame K

Acts that arouse and excite Madame K:

  • Bondage
  • Restriction
  • Impact Play
  • Foot Worship
  • Fitness Torture
  • 3 Tier Kinky Workouts
  • Orgasm Control/Denial
  • Rope
  • Doll Play
  • CBT
  • Spanking
  • Over The Knee Spanking
  • Forced panty wearing
  • Sensory Control
  • Nipple Torture
  • Verbal and Physical humiliation
  • Gifts
  • Mind Control and A Good Mind Fucking
  • Pegging and Anal Training

Acts that do not excite Madame K. These are her Hard limits :

Age Play, Fart play, Extreme humiliation/pain, Scat, Needles or Blood play, medical procedure play, Sexual intercourse, Oral sex, Water Sports. The only person that will be wearing heels will be you.. hahaha

How To Come Serve Madame K

To submit your application for Madame K services to Make sure you take your time and put some thought into it. She wants you to answer 3 questions:

1. Tell me why you are worthy to be in my presence as my slave/subby.

2. What service are you interested in?

3. Why do you want to spend time with me?

If your email excites her then she will email you with the next steps to being able to spend time and hire her. Good luck she is looking forward to hearing from you

Email Madame K:

Madame K Doing A Kinky Workout

Special Fitness Kinky Services:

Fitness Torture:I will offer you pain to correct form to make sure you are being safe while I put you through a series of different exercises. Price for this workout is $300.00 plus GST/hour

3 Tier Kinky Workouts:I offer 3 different levels of Kink. Depending on what you choose to pay for is how much Kinky your workouts will be. The following prices are as follows…..

Tier 1: I work you out with you in my dungeon with your kink gear-no implements: $100.00 plus GST/hour

Tier 2: I work you out in my dungeon in your kink gear and I hold an implement…like a spoon and that is it. I don’t use it on you no matter how much you beg me too! $200.00 plus GST/hour

Tier 3: I work you out in my dungeon, in your kink gear, and I use any implement I want to “WHIP” You into shape: $300.00 plus GST/hour.

Fees To Spend Time With Madame K

All other services are $300 plus GST/hour. Madame K charges taxes because it legit business and can write you receipt to write off on your taxes.

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