Meet Mistress Klara

I’m all about pleasure, pain and adventure! In a world where pleasure is defined in a very narrow scope and is still attached to lots of shame and societal conditioning, I became a pleasure seeker and was determined to find many different ways to experience it.

I have been cultivating the art of sensual massage, energy and power exchange and light sensual domination for almost a decade.

Naturally there came time for me when I made the decision to take it up a notch (several notches really) and I immersed myself in study of BDSM, fetish and kink

And I fell in love! I also discovered that I gain great sexual and orgasmic pleasure from hitting and torturing people consensually. There is nothing in this world that is more beautiful to watch than someone whining , wiggling and whimpering.

Through my own personal exploration of both sides as a sub and a domme, I got to understand the enormous pleasure, pain, orgasmic, healing and personal growth potential of BDSM.

Letting go of limiting societal beliefs about sex and pleasure and healing my own wounds allowed me to access personal freedom and power that I couldn’t even immagine before. 

I offer a sensual domination for clients who want to in a sensual, more erotic way explore their submissive side through ultimate exploration of their body with tease, light bondage, sensory deprivation and massage sensation. And BDSM sessions for those who are interested in a more classical domination experience.

Mistress Klara -Dominatrix services:

Sensual Domming  Do you crave to be lighty touched,teased and tortured while lightly restrained? I use many different massage sensations,strokes and sensory deprivation while you are restrained so you have no choice but to receive and submit.

Impact play: I offer many delicious types of impact play experiences, while wielding different implements ; floggers, riding crops, wooden spoons and paddles 

Feet / Boot worship: Drop to your knees and worship. There is no great joy for me, than to have my feet worshipped and adored. Foot sessions are available with power exchange and Domming or just feet session.  

Orgasm Torture and Denial: It is music to my ears to listen to you beg …hahahaha 

Co-Domme with Mistress Gaia: Wow the possibilities of worshipping 2 powerful Mistresses are endless

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