Ep. 28- Chapter 6 – Consent on Becoming a better lover series

Limited – Ep.28- Chapter 6- Consent xe2x80x9c Becoming a better lover seriesxe2x80x9d on My Orgasmic Life Podcast with Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist , Gaia Morrissette
So many of my clients, friends and student are always asking me xe2x80x9c How do I become a better loverxe2x80x9d Or xe2x80x9cHow can I be better in bedxe2x80x9d so I have been inspired to create series dedicated to being better at sexxe2x80xa6 Content Warning : Swearing, Talking about Sex, Laughter, Getting Laid, Consent

Covering in this Chapter:
*What is consent? # different areas of consent : communication/interaction, touch, sexual
*Why do we want to get consent?
* Remember you don’t know if someone as past sexual or physical trauma your touch might make them feel icky if you don’t get verbal consent
*Importance of verbal consent
*The different levels of consent within a current sexual relationship verses new sexual relationship
*How to make consent sexy?
*Practice in non sexual spaces : Touch consent- xe2x80x9c May I hug you?xe2x80x9d May I touch you? Don’t take it personally if the person says no .. Than ask them may you express your appreciation or excitement for them? Then respect their answer!!
*Practice saying no thank you to hugs and touches : Start with with a safe friends:Then move to strangers. Ask people ask before they hug or touch you please. This is training everyone around you to respect your personal space and body. Once you get more comfortable with this you can then it will be easier to do sexual .

Seat back and get ready for a wild ridexe2x80xa6
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