Asking For What You Want Sexually co-host Yael R.Rosenstock Gonzalez – EP 130

Ask For What You Want Sexually with co-host Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez on xe2x80x9cMy Orgasmic Lifexe2x80x9d podcast EP.130 Holistic Sexual Wellness, BDSM Wellness & Trauma Recovery Specialist, Gaia Morrissette and Sex Researcher Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez has a raw honest conversation about their own personal journeys on being able to ask for what they truly want sexually in the moment of sexy time.

Content Warning : Swearing, Laughter, Sexuality,Graphic Language,
Gaia Covers on today show:

*Yael talks about the why, she used to have a hard time asking for what she wanted sexual
*Gaia shares her why,she used to have a hard time asking for what she wanted sexual
*Fear of hurting someone feeling
*Shame of sexual desires
*Fear of judgement from others
*How to start asking for what you want sexually
*Tools and tips for asking and letting go of fear and shame
*How to ask depending on the power exchange

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To get to know Yael r. Rosenstock Gonzalez better: Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez is a sex educator, sex coach, researcher, author, speaker, curriculum developer, and workshop facilitator. As a queer, polyamorous, white-presenting Nuyorican Jew, Yael has always been interested in understanding the multi-level experiences of individuals. This led her to found Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC, a company dedicated to supporting and creating spaces for individuals to explore and find community in their identities. Through her company, she facilitates workshops, develops curriculum, offers Identity Exploration Coaching, and publishes narratives often left out of mainstream publishing.
Yael has been engaged in workshop development and facilitation since 2005 with children, youth, and adults. Before establishing her own company, she spent 6 years with the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding, where she developed and led programs with an intersectional lens.
In 2018 Yael published An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips, a queer and trans inclusive book, and has since established herself as YaeltheSexGeek and begun offering Sex Coaching services.

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Learn more about Gaia Morrissette: Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, Gaia Morrissette believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia supports people living with pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery. She is also a BDSM Wellness expert, High Priestess and Pro-Dominatrix. For over 12 years she has been a renowned international speaker, trainer, facilitator, podcaster and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all. Gaia is the founder of, & Succulent living Online Education. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploring

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