Many BDSM tools- chains, leather cuffs, collar,wooden spoon, goggles

What is BDSM Wellness

Throughout  a BDSM session you release bio chemicals like adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine , oxytocin and serotonin where, when properly balanced, allows us to reprogram almost any unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Clients  discover their voice. Set healthy and clear boundaries. Improve their communication skills in all other areas of their life. Most important, feel SAFE!  7 years ago Gaia decided to add BDSM Wellness sessions to her Sexual Wellness Practice creating a safe non -judgemental space to learn how to give over their power and surrender to someone that they trusted. 

Pro Dominatrix Empress Gaia looking at her wall of BDSM tools holding riding crop. Bare feet wearing black PVC corset and red frilly panties

Pro Dominatrix Services 

Why Empress Gaia offers Pro-Dominatrix services? As holistic sexual wellness specialist & BDSM Wellness expert she was tired of seeing clients coming to her after unsafe and traumatic experiences with other untrained Pro – Doms. With her deep level of understanding human sexuality, over 15 years in the kink and BDSM world both in my own personal sexual exploration and as a BDSM educator and wellness expert and her psychology training she started offering  people a different safe choice. She became a Pro- Dominatrix 8 years ago. Learn what BDSM activities she offers 

Gaia Morrissette is holding a riding crop, while pointing at white board. She is teaching a class

BDSM Education/ Training

Gaia loves to teach, train and facilitate in all areas of BDSM , Relationships, Human Sexuality and Professional Development.Knowledge is power and super SEXY! In the world of BDSM/KINK there are many rewards but there are also MANY dangers; Physically, Emotionally and Psychologically. That without the proper training and education you can do short to longer damage and even death! So make sure you find the right teacher and gain the knowledge to make sure you and everyone is SAFE! When looking for the right BDSM teacher, mentor and education make sure the concepts of 4 C’s : Caring, Communication, Consent & Caution and or Safe, Sane & Consensual

Black and White Pic of Empress Gaia face while she holds a riding crop

Meet Empress Gaia

Come meet Empress Gaia. Find out why and how BDSM became an important part of her life both personally and professional. 


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