Rope Extravaganza

Rope Extravaganza!

Have you been curious about rope?

Do you have a desire to discover how to explore rope bondage safely?

Have ever had a fantasy to tie someone up?

Have you ever craved to be restrained?

Do you find rope sexy?

Then come discover the wonderful world of Rope Bondage with your BDSM Educators Mistress Cherry and Empress Gaia. This one of kind video online self-study course takes you step by step :

  • Starting by understanding the why people find rope sexy
  • Rope Care
  • Rope Safety! Safety! Safety!
  • How to get started bringing rope into your sex life
  • Explore all the different ways your can use rope in your bedroom
  • Explore all the different ways to use rope in a dungeon
  • Explore the different levels of rope from beginners to more advance tying and bondage
  • How to add power exchange and use rope in a kink BDSM scene
  • How to negotiate a kink and BDSM scene with someone
  • The importance of aftercare and self care after rope play

This course is sexy, playful with lots of nudity, lots of orgasms and lots of laughs and therefore, a whole lot of FUN! We promise you will not only learn all about rope, knots and at the same time be completely entertained!

Mistress Cherry and Empress Gaia combined have over 25 years of professional experience in the world of Kink, BDSM, Tantra and Human Sexuality. You get to spend over 8 hours with us. Come take their hands and jump safely into the adventure of rope bondage as they demonstrate on each other and their submissives.

This Course is perfect for those with little to no experience to the advanced and everyone in between with rope and kink. The more advanced kinkster may enjoy the refresh and the sexy entertainment

Enjoy and start today!!

P.S. Empress Gaia’s favourite thing about self-study online learning is you don’t have to wear pants or anything!!

Cost: $497 wow what a great deal (Remember to spend that much time with us would cost you over $5000.00)


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