Mistress Dana

I know what you have been longing for. To go beyond pretending and actually surrender and submit to a true Domme

One who can bring you to your limits, allowing you to explore the various kinks that you have been wacking off too. 

I am Mistress Dana and I take on submissives who desire to actually surrender, to experience the glory and mystical experience that comes from slipping into the void of subspace. 

A place where you release the pressures of the day-to-day grind and relinquish control. 

Dropping to your knees to show your reverence for me and that you know your place, you are rewarded with the things that bring me joy … which is your pain or discomfort.

I am a sexual sadist and highly orgasmic, I take pleasure from your torture, your discomfort. Seeing you squirm and hearing your yelps turns me on. And I know you want to turn me on, being a good submissive 😉 

I love to laugh during sessions, taking delight in your discomfort and pain. And dropping into my own pleasure, if this is not fun for me and not pleasurable for me then it is not happening. 

If you are a good fit, then you will learn to find exquisite pleasure in pleasing me. In seeing my enjoyment of using you as I see fit. 

Some of the things that turn me on:

  • Foot Worship
  • Pegging
  • Massaging Me (if you have been very good)
  • Rope and various Bondage
  • Impact play 
  • Double Domming (with Empress Gaia or your lifestyle Dom/Domme)
  • Spit Roasting
  • Electricity Play
  • Cross
  • Spanking – OTK, bare hand or with spoons/paddles
  • Leather
  • CBT
  • Hot Wax
  • Orgasm Tease and Denial

If you would like to apply to serve me, I love submissives who follow directions, and in order to establish trust and rapport and safety I am only taking on submissives who are interested in ongoing sessions. I love the connection that is built with commitment for regular sessions. 

Tribute To Serve Me: $380/hr if you purchase packages of 10 or more hours or $480/hr pay as you go.

Hard Limits
Scat, Blood, Kids, Beastiality, Fart play, Role play (not a hard limit I just can’t stay in character without laughing). 

A Bit more About Me: My background is as an entrepreneur and expert in all things related to surrender. This may come in the dungeon, or it can also be through sexual awakening, Yoni massage, psychedelic ceremonies for healing or coaching/counselling to re-wire your brain to work for you. 
Feel free to pick up a copy of one of my books, I think you will enjoy The Inner Dominatrix Guide; Become a Badass In Business available at all the on line retailers. 

 I have 30+ years of experience and I work with people who are really ready to change and to fully embrace who they have always been – no apologies, no excuses. I use a mix of healing methods, psychotherapy tools and deep personal spiritual connection to facilitate change. 

And if those don’t work, we can put you in the dungeon for behaviour modification training. Blending traditional BDSM with psychotherapy to create the change you desire. 


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