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Cognitive Reprogramming using BDSM

What is Cognitive Reprogramming? It is fancy way of saying “Changing the brains thoughts and a person’s behavior. BDSM is a powerful tool to reframe old behaviors and thoughts that are no longer serving you by using reward and punishment.  The brain is hardwired to respond to rewards and punishments, so using BDSM to reinforce those current neuro pathways make behavioral changes happen fast and long lasting. Reward is defined as something that brings happiness and satisfaction to one’s self. Punishment is defined as something that is unpleasant and unwanted to one’s self.

Here are some behaviors, issues and thoughts that you might to use Cognitive Reprogramming to support, heal and change:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Healthy eating
  • Workout
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Porn addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Self hatred
  • Building self esteem
  • Stress
  • Anxiety issues
  • Social anxieties
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Early Ejaculation issues
  • Low libido

Cognitive Reprogramming Session Details

Intake session:

This 1st session is important to go over sexual histories, sexual believes and past issues. So we can co-create your action plan of reprogramming goals

Duration: 1-4 hours

Cost: $400.00 (Plus HST)

Cognitive Reprogramming sessions:

Each session will include rewards if clients has done their homework and followed the instructions or client will receive punishment if they have not done what was in their best interested to support the outcome goals. At the end of every session Empress Gaia will give client their assignment to do in between sessions. She will also reach out twice in between sessions for accountability.

Duration: 90 min/session & 2 accountability emails/texts 

Cost: $700 (Plus HST)

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