Ep. 17 Gaiaxe2x80x99s 1st open swim marathon event . Swimming with the Fishes!!

Ep. 17 Gaiaxe2x80x99s 1st open swim marathon event on My Orgasmic Life Podcast with Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist , Gaia Morrissette. On July 12, 2019 swimming 1 Kilometer in open water; Gaia reclaims her health, her body and her trust in herself. On to today show Gaia shares: Content Warning * Trauma Safe
*Gaia her tragic and hard recovery back after a car accident in 2000
*Struggle and daily battle with chronic pain
* How almost fall off a 50 foot waterfall in Costa Rica made her start on the path of becoming physically healthy
* How training daily lead to her completing a physical challenge and dream that she was told by the doctors to never be possible
*Overcoming all the internal voices that didn’t want me to be healthy or change or become one of those health freaks or one of those marathon people
*Conquering fears of failing, fear of success, fear of what others will think and sooo many other fears
*Overcoming all the voices and judgements from others
* The Swim of a lifetime
* The morning afterxe2x80xa6.

Seat back and get ready for a wild ridexe2x80xa6
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