Intro to interactive toys with Kate Kozlova

Gaia and Kate Kozlova sex educator, Kiiroo US sales manager
have a conversation all about Kate’s adventure to became the US Sales Rep for Kiiroo On EP 219 of My Orgasmic Life Podcast with BDSM and Sexual Wellness Specialist Empress Gaia Morrissette
Content Warning : Swearing, Laughter,adult industry in Russia and in U.S.

Gaia Covers on today show:
*Kate’s career story of working in the adult toy industry from Russia to the U.S.
*It is a great talk getting to know Kate Kozlova better before she comes back to talk to us in move depth about interactive toys how is a game changer in the world of self pleasure and long distance relationships

Know more about Kate Kozlova: I have started my career in my hometown Saint Petersburg, Russia at the age of 18 as a sales person at the biggest Russian adult retail chain “Pink Rabbit”. Later, I was offered a position in the HR department where my responsibility was to teach new sales people about the product. I put together 1 week lectures for adult store employees with a manual that the company still uses and that’s when my career took off. Besides that, I worked as a sex consultant for couples at the first Russian sexual wellness center where I was giving workshops about anal sex, role games, sex toys etc to couples or just curious people.A year after I became a buyer and started our OEM project that led to our success in the Russian market. I was promoted to the head of the buying department and this was a peak of my career at Pink Rabbit, I became a head of buying dept for 60 stores at the age of 22. I organized the first professional show in Saint Petersburg “Pink Rabbit Fest” Companies like DJ, NS, We vibe, Swiss Navy, Pipedream, Satisfyer and many others attended the event followed by a week of meetings, excursions, parties in Saint Petersburg. I had everything back home but my dream had always been to move to US, so I made the decision to move to Los Angeles, the homeland of the sex toy industrywithout any perspective or work offers.Luckily, at that time, Svakom a brand of sex toys had just started to develop the US market and I joined a company as West Coast Sales Rep couple months after I moved. My main responsibility was developing wholesale accounts, retailers, distributors on West Coast, provide training for theirsales people and suggest sales boost strategies. During those 4 years, I visited all West Coast states, participated as an exhibitor in all major US b2b shows and met hundreds of business owners. The majority of them have become our clients and my good friends. Our cooperation lasted for 4 years until May 2022, when I joined Kiiroo, the first brand of interactive sex toys from Amsterdam.Amsterdam. The world is going digital and Kiiroo, in my opinion, is a company that has always been a couple steps ahead looking into the future manufacturing high technological products that connect to VR porn, webcam and controlled via the app. I am sure that together with Kiiroo we can achieve a huge success in the US and introduce ground-breaking features that American customers deserve!Travelling was a big part of my job because I needed to do in store trainings for the sales people, once the pandemic started, I couldn’t do it anymore, so I have started my Youtube channel In Bed With Kate dedicated to sex education, sexual wellness, and sex toy reviews. It started as a pandemic hobby but I committed to do 1 video per week and I ve been doing it since then not only for sales people of adult stores but also for general public because in many countries like India there is no access to sex ed and a huge demand for this. In 2020 I have won Eroaward (Spanish international award) as the best new sex educator. In 2021, I was nominated for the Xbiz Award “Community Figure of the Year”, and in 2022, I finally won an award in the same category.
IG: merocky1
Youtube: In Bed With Kate
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