Juicy Tantra Details of Gaia’s Life

Ep. 10 Juicy Tantra Details of Gaiaxe2x80x99s life in Transcendent Magick Series
Replay of Transcendent Thursdays live show ; Discover your magickal self. Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette wants to share with you her Magickal self and gifts. Today Gaia covers
*What is Tantra?
*What is Sexual energy?
*How Gaia became Tantric goddess
*Sacred sexuality
*Emotional Mastery
*Understanding the human experiences
*Harness your sexual energy
*How to find the right teacher
*Let go of the past
*Building your own solo tantra practice

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Gaia has created an amazing Self – Study Online course called xe2x80x9c Tantra for 1xe2x80x9d https://succulent-living.teachable.com/p/tantra-for-1-guided-8-week-online-course


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