Limited- Ep. 33- Chapter 11- Talk Dirty To Me Baby on ” Becoming a Better Lover Series”

Limited – Ep.33-Chapter 11 : Talk dirty to me baby xe2x80x9c Becoming a better lover seriesxe2x80x9d on My Orgasmic Life Podcast with Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist , Gaia Morrissette
So many of my clients, friends and student are always asking me xe2x80x9c How do I become a better loverxe2x80x9d Or xe2x80x9cHow can I be better in bedxe2x80x9d so I have been inspired to create series dedicated to being better at sexxe2x80xa6 Content Warning : Swearing, Talking about Sex, Laughter, Getting Laid, Sexual explicit words

Covering in this Chapter:
*What is Dirty talk?
*Everyone idea of Dirty talk can be different: Painting with words, using naughty lustful words , asking for what you want in the moment or to happen next, Telling and sharing fantasies , it can be using laughter and humour, it can be ordering or demanding someone around, it can be giving gratitude
*How to use dirty talk and when to use it?
*Words have power so REMEMBER to find out what words turn them off and which ones turn them on
* Ask them what they call their genitals and chest and how would they you to refer to them
* How to get better at it; 1.Increase you naughty vocabulary 2. Increase your description words 3. Practice describing what you want to do to your lover, or what you have just done to your lover

*Tools: Increase and reclaim sex words: Create naughty lists: Penis, Vagina, Breasts, Masturbation, Sexual intercourse, Oral sex do research and add as many slang terms this fun to do with a partner. Then pick one word each day as see if you can use it in a sentence throughout your day casually and as often as possible. This will help you normalize it and reclaim it if it has a huge charge for you.
*Tools: Practice and increase comfort with description words: At least once a day pick a non-sexual experience and be more descriptive when sharing it with others. Food is a good one to start with

Seat back and get ready for a wild ridexe2x80xa6

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