Radically Honest Real Talk Series with Dana Pharant & Gaia Morrissette EP 7

On EP. 7- Dana and Gaia have some real, raw and honest conversations about how the practice of being radically honest shows up in their personal and professional lives. On this episode
*Why the show named changed
*Why they have changed from offering a weekend retreat to now a 2 hour online workshop
*Gaia shares her fears about trust, intimacy and honesty.
*Dana shares her fear about competition with women.
*How it can be easy and light to start to learn about what is a truth and what is a lie

To go join our Radically Honest Workshop called : Become A Human Lie Detector – Visit https://rebrand.ly/lies101

Learn more about Dana Pharant bio: Having built a 7-figure business without sales calls and as a former Dominatrix, Dana knows all about owning her power and being unique. She has worked with clients for over 25 years, helping them keep their head out of their ass so they can scale with ease. She is the author of 5 books, winner of multiple awards and a woman who treats her own personal development like an extreme sport.

These days Dana is a Business performance coach for those who love to play full out and are looking for every advantage they can find to reach their goals with ease instead of grinding it out.

Learn more about Gaia Morrissette: Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, Gaia Morrissette believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia has committed both her personal and professional life for the last 20 years to being radically honest and extreme personal growth and healing. Gaia supports people living with pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery and Radical Honesty. She is also a BDSM Wellness expert, High Priestess and Pro-Dominatrix. For over 12 years she has been a renowned international speaker, trainer, facilitator, podcaster and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all.

Being able to understand and spot when people are lying is a high-level skill that will open up new opportunities and deepen your relationships. To sign up for our 2 hour online Radically Honest Workshop called : Become A Human Lie Detector https://rebrand.ly/lies101


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