Ep. 64- Who’s Bra is that with Milica Jelenic

Ep. 64-Bra! WHo Bra is that anyways? on My Orgasmic Life Podcast with Co-host Milica Jelenic of www.milicajelenic.com & Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist , Gaia Morrissette

Content Warning: Swearing, Nipples, breasts, bra and lots of laughter
We cover on todayxe2x80x99s show :
*Nipples on everyone
*Why are women told to wear a bra
*Nipple shame
*Bra and breast myths
*Why it is okay and important to let your breasts be freeee!!!!

Seat back and get ready for a wild ridexe2x80xa6
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To learn about Gaiaxe2x80x99s Sexy Co-Host: Milica Jelenic host of xe2x80x9cThe Pleasure Zone Radio Showxe2x80x9d on Inspired Choices Network, has a BA and works in the Holistic medicine field. Milica is also a Sensual Movement Artist, Sex & Relationship Alchemist, Mitzvah Technique Teacher, Access Barsxc2xae Facilitator and Radio Show Host and has facilitated greater ease and health in bodies for over 20 years.

Milica Jelenic is an advocate for possibilities. In her private practice she invites clients to receive who they truly be and to continue to choose more for themselves. Milica knows that there is something greater for all of us on this planet and plays with bodies to awaken greater possibilities to show up. Milicaxe2x80x99 abilities as an intuitive lend to a session that is personalized for the client. Milicaxe2x80x99s keen ability to sense where change is possible and to question what is stuck in the target area creates a very dynamic session that promotes choice, possibility and change.

Milica has impacted thousands of individuals both in Canada and abroad with her humor, kindness, gentleness, potency and intensity. Milicaxe2x80x99s approach is playful, fun and direct. Milica is willing to be whatever energy and space is required for the change you desire.
Milica offers sessions which involve shifting energy through energy work, body manipulation, and verbal processing.

If you are interested in receiving Milicaxe2x80x99 monthly newsletter about events, classes and information on booking private sessions send and e-mail through her website www.milicajelenic.com

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