Ep. 65- Does Stress/Anxiety/Fear increase at different times of the year? Trauma Recovery

Ep. 65- Does your Stress/Anxiety/Fear increase at different times of the year? Trauma Recovery series on My Orgasmic Life! It is Time to Reclaim and take back your POWER with Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette. :
Content Warning: Sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse, swearing, Satanic Cult,

Today topic:

* Gaia shares her trauma story
*Gaia shares how the Fall is a hard time for her and why
*Gaia shares how she used to create drama so it her outside world matched her inside world
*What are the first steps to reclaiming that time of the year
*The importance of breaking the patterns and neural pathway
*What does it mean to be triggered?
*5,4,3,2,1 tool

She explores how past trauma is controlling your present life! How to become free from the past pains and negative blockage so you can create a life of happiness, safety, love and pleasure!
Make sure you only receive healing, happy and trauma related information from me and as a gift I have created a guide video to help you get un-triggered click here http://eepurl.com/djPBBb to pick it up.

***Trauma Safe!

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