WTF Subbies With 2 Dominates-Confession Of A Pro

Mistress Cherry and Empress Gaia share the real, raw, sexy and gossip about being a Pro-Dominatrix. On EP 216 of My Orgasmic Life Podcast the goddesses talk about how many subs act out when there are more then one Dominate in the room
Content Warning : Swearing, Laughter, BDSM, punishment,training, trauma, Non Monogamy
Empress Gaia and Mistress Cherry Covers on today show:
*The story of Empress Gaia’s- S.puppy bad life choices after meeting Mistress Cherry
* Do’s and Don’t of how to submit to 2 or more Doms/Dommes
*The Story of Mistress Cherry subbie of 10 yrs behaving badly in front of another Femdom
*Importance of communication pre, during and after so everyone has success

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