Mistress Cherry And Empress Gaia. 3 pics- 1st pic is Mistress Cherry in a studded black and silver corset and sexy glasses. 2- Empress Gaia catching Mistress cherry with rope they both laughing 3- Empress Gaia wearing a red and black satin corset with black stocking and garters and thigh high black leather bootss

Co – Domme Sessions

Come experience worshipping 2 Divine Goddesses of pain and pleasure! Empress Gaia and Mistress Cherry are looking forward to using you for their pleasure and delight!

Co-Domme Process

Intake for all new clients: This is a 1-3 hour session to go over your sex history and hardlimits list with both Empress Gaia. To also build trust and safety . Cost: Flat fee of $400 + HST

Co-Domme Play session: 2hr or more of BDSM/ kink and power exchange. The scene and activities will be arranged and agreed upon in the intake session and worked out between Empress and Mistress in advance of the session. Costs: $700/hr + HST

Meet Mistress Cherry : My name is Mistress Cherry, I have been a Pro Dominatrix for over a decade. I have loved every minute of it and have enjoyed the evolution of myself as an individual and as a Pro Dominatrix. Sadistic Sensualist is how I identify and taking you on a Journey like no other. Specialties being Total Power Exchange, Inescapable Bondage, Flogging, Impact Play, CBT/NT, Sounding, , Pegging & Multiple Role Plays. Along with being a Pro-Domme, I am also a BDSM Educator and a BDSM Lifestyle coach with a B.A. in Psych. , Tantra Trained and Reiki Master. IG @mscherryleatherchaps FB @Cherry Leatherchaps Fetlife @ MsCherryLthrchps Looking forward to supporting your adventure in Consensual World Domination! MC

Mistress Cherry to learn more visit her website www.mistresscherry.net


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