Kink and Breaking the Gender Stereotypes – Author Mistress Dana Pharant

kink anad breaking gender stereotypes

As a general rule, I notice that men and women have been conditioned in ways that, at one time, supported the functioning of society

Most men have been taught to take what they want. To go for jobs even if they are not fully qualified for it. To be the one to “make the moves” when it comes to sex or dating.

Meanwhile, most women have been taught to be passive. To wait for the promotion offer instead of asking for it. To wait to be chosen by a man instead of making the moves.

This conditioning creates a conflict for those who feel called to move in ways that contradict this social norm.

The submissive male who longs for a dominant woman (or insert whatever genders fit you).

The dominant female who struggles to take charge even though it is who she is at her core.

The exploration into kink gives us a chance to untangle these conditioned stereotypes, but only when we can honestly acknowledge that they exist and how we are, at times, fighting an uphill battle.

The opportunity to actively choose to go against our conditioning and find new opportunities comes at a cost.

I know my own journey has not always been easy, but kink continues to gift me with a deeper understanding of who I am and what is possible.

All while having some super sexy times.


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