Drunk With Power (Tales From the Dungeon) – Author Mistress Dana Pharant

When I decided to step back into the dungeon as a paid professional, I never would have imagined that it would be as much fun as it has been.

I would have thought that it would have been more clinical and detached because there is a professional agreement.


I have found that with my format of having people commit and pre-pay for a block of time, we are both dropping in to explore the pushing of limits as well as forming a connection of trust and surrender that is tender and compassionate.

I have found that I often have to pause during a session because I feel myself being swept up in the sadist’s desire to do things that are not agreed upon.

As I breathe, leaning against them chained to the cross I find that place once again of knowing the limits of the one in front of me. Remembering that what is hot is the surrender and willingness to be under my control.

Knowing that with that comes responsibility, the pulling back is not a hardship but an act of care and tenderness for this submissive chained helplessly to the cross.

Naked and exposed, there for my taking and trusting me implicitly to only take him as far as he is currently willing.

Seeing that look in their eyes of adoration, slight fear, and a deep desire to please me.

This look is so heady and intoxicating that I sometimes feel drunk with its power.

Sobered only by the responsibility that comes with it.

Between moments of intoxication, there is lots of laughter and of course, many moments of pleasure …. well, for me, at least 😉

So, thanks to the mentorship from Empress Gaia, I have found my happy place in the dungeon. A job that fills my heart and soul, turns me on, and, of course, rewards me financially.

I leave my sessions giddy, aroused and ravenous from the workout of it all. lol

So, so glad I said yes to this work.


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