Submission is not Surrender – Tales from the Dungeon – Author Mistress Dana Pharant


He passed the screening call and seemed to be a rather good fit for me to take on.

As we dove into his hard limits list, he was honest and answered all my probing questions, allowing me to gain access to his mind before we contemplated any play.

He is a sweet and gentle man, but there are signs of his conditioning as a privileged male. He was a self-made wealthy man, running his own business and was accustomed to being able to buy what he desired.

He tested me by saying that he found that he really needed the release of an ejaculation at the end of a session.

I nodded and chose to circle back to it at the end when I explained to him that his orgasm would be denied in our sessions. That is fucks with the power dynamic and interferes with his ability to surrender.

He nodded and did his best to hide his disappointment, which excited me. Knowing that he would be tormented by the orgasm denial and me holding the power.

The next day, he showed up for his first play session. I had things planned out. I did not ask him what he wanted in the session. That was the point of the deep dive intake. I knew all of that already, and now I was in charge and directing the session in a way that would please me.

He was not big on collars or choking, so I picked a collar that would be nice and loose, the classic symbol and ritual of ownership, albeit temporary in this case.

Taking my time to put on each cuff as he kneeled before me naked on the blanket he laid out. Drawing it out, weaving in the energy and intention of ownership and safety for him to surrender.

I directed him to the cross and secured the wrist cuffs, one at a time, pressing my body against him as I leaned over him to do so.

Then I began with slow rope bondage, securing him to the cross and dragging the rope across his body. Weaving in some sensual touch and scratching my nails lightly over his body, making him squirm.

Pulling out one of the beautiful rosewood spoons that were hand-crafted in Costa Rica for me, I set about for some light spanking, but the response was not what I had hoped for.

He had indicated in our intake that he loved spanking, but this was a man who was submitting rather than surrendering, so rather than it being sensual and fun, there was a flatness to it.

I switched back to my nails, which stirred my primal sexual sadest. Doing my best not to dig in too hard, I found myself getting more and more turned on.

I slowly untied him, reversing the procedure of rope and rubbing myself against him, a slow tease and denial.

Moving him to sit on the spanking bench, I switched to some smaller rope to tie up his cock, teasing and tormenting him.

Then with the aid of a glove and some lube, I massaged his taint and the outside of his anus.

I knew he was curious about anal penetration, but he was closed up tight today, so it would be teasing only.

As I was teasing him, I used the position to grind on his thigh for my own pleasure. Just because the boys do not get to cum doesn’t mean that I am denied. 😉

The time was getting close to the hour and I slowly untied him and brought him back to the blanket to be released from the cuffs and collars, making sure to position my cleavage so that it was almost touching his face.

Ah, the sweetness of denial.

He enjoyed the session and was ready to sign up for another, but…for me, he did not surrender.

He submitted to me but held back some of the control, making it so that he did not enjoy the spanking and, of course, that anal sphincter spoke loud and true for his unwillingness to fully surrender.

Stay tuned for what allowed him to actually drop in….

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