Healing Trauma Coaching

When you experience trauma, it affects your mind, body and spirit so when you are healing you must look and address the whole to be completely free.. It can be almost impossible to heal one’s trauma without support. When I work with clients I use a holistic approach, looking at how the trauma affected you and your life. Then we co-create an action plan on how to move you from being a victim to a survivor . However we don’t stop at just being a survivor, my goal is always to support clients to be able to become a thriver and live life to the fullest!

It is important to understand what some reactions to traumatic experiences might include:

  • Feeling triggered often and out of control
  • Being quick to react and lash out 
  • Trust issues – Can’t trust anyone
  • High anxiety
  • Deep connection and intimacy is terrify and doesn’t feel safe
  • Not liking or wanting to be touched or engage in sexual activity.    
  • Not being physically or emotionally present during sexual activities    
  • Becoming extremely overly sexual
  • No matter how much sex activity you have it is never enough    
  • Non orgasmic or orgasm difficulties    
  • Erection and Ejaculation difficulties   
  • Just to name a few…

I was sexually and satanic ritual abused as a child, so I deeply understand trauma in every cell of my being. The tools that I share with my clients are not just from my schooling or formal education. They are also from the last 30 years of doing my own personally transformational trauma healing work. To learn more about Gaia journey... Even I have a team of professional healing support so let me take my hand and become a part of your team! I promise to always hold on while we walk in the dark and scary places together. You don’t have to do it alone anymore! You desire to feel safe and reclaim, heal and celebration your sexuality. It is time for you to learn how to conquer your past trauma that is interfering in your life.

 What does  Healing Trauma Coaching Session entail:

  • 1st session is an intake with Gaia: To build trust and safety.Gaia takes your history to be able to figure out the source of your trauma and how it is affecting your life. Then we can co-create an action plan together. This is a talking session that lasts 1- 3 hours. Which can be done in person or online
  • 2nd session is when the Healing Trauma Coaching sessions start- Which can include; Cognitive reprogramming, talking, goal setting, building support teams, accountability, boundary setting, crisis management, mindfulness, crisis support, relationship support, empowerment training, self esteem building, sexual wellness tools .. too name a few) 
  • You can blend combine coaching and bodywork session whatever best supports your healing and reclaiming your power and safety

Investment in yourself:

  • Intake session flat fee of $300
  • Packages of 10hrs,15hrs or 20 hrs available at my hourly rate of $250/hr
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars plus HST

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