Trauma Healing Resources

Over the years of my own healing and while working with clients in order for us to be successful on this healing path of reclaiming our life we MUST have a team of both personal and professional support! Also have resources so I want to share with you some of my favourite tools, professional support and resources

Here is my team that support me to continue to heal and grow

  • Massage therapist- My is not taking any clients ( It is important that your RMT -Registered Massage Therapist- is Psychological trauma informed)
  • Business Mindset and Trusted Advisory- Dana Pharant
  • NLP- Brain rewiring- Nate Hager
  • Personal Trainer- My is not taking any clients ( If you have past physical trauma make sure they teamed up with your RMT or other health practitioner)
  • Natural Health Practitioner- Pierre Black is my go to guy

Trauma Healing Resources 

Remember you don’t have to be alone. I am an expert in trauma healing and I have a team of people and tools that help me on a regular basis to continue to heal and grow….

Asking the right people for support and help makes you STRONG not weak!


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