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Since 1985, I have worked as a licensed NYS Family and Marriage therapist in private practice.  Like most therapists, I have had the good fortune to work with people with a wide range of symptoms and challenges.  This has led me to continue to develop skills and grow expertise in areas such as hypnotherapy and neurofeedback; however, I felt my work with couples lacked depth at times because I did not have any specific training in the area of sexual development or sexual healing.  Then, I met Gaia Morrissette.

As I became more familiar with her work, I referred several clients to her, and each of them expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to work with her.  Her profound sensitivity enabled them to progress in ways they never thought possible.

Gaia is a warm, funny, smart, devoted professional whose commitment to the sexual healing process is unparalleled.  I am delighted to have her as a colleague, and to endorse her work.

Kathleen Calabrese, PhD LMFT

Kathleen Calabrese, PhD LMFT

Trauma Healing-Thriving Survivor

As a Thriving survivor,Gaia’s words and wisdom are delivered in a way that I can learn and heal my not so sexy experiences. Thank you for creating a safe space, where I can learn, explore , heal and grow. Best Coach EVER!

Kat- Waterloo, On

Kat- Waterloo, On

Yoni Massage- Release Old Energy That No Longer Serves

Getting a Yoni Massage from Gaia is one of the best elf enquiry adventures I have taken. If you want to connect with yourself to receive this amazing offering that is unlike any other!! Gift yourself with love and attention you deserve it. Be brave to know yourself more. The yoni massage lends to release and relinquishing in a way that brings revitalization and rejuvenation. Moving energy that may be guarded helps us to see the world more brightly. Really words cannot express the holistic effects that whole treatment Gaia offers as a healing journey of self care and furthermore … celebration !! Thank you Gaia FOREVER !


A-Costa Rica

A-Costa Rica

Trauma Healing- When the student is ready the teacher appears!

It is often said that “ when the student is ready the teacher will appear” Gaia appeared in my life when I was ready to learn, grow and heal sexually. I was ready to take the risks needed to heal the broken places in my life. I was ready to try a different path to healing.

Gaia’s Knowledge of sexuality and trauma:her skills as a teacher,facilitator and healer; her respect for me and my healing path have resulted in change that I didn’t believe was possible before I met her. Gaia provides me with a safe and supportive space to experience touch and my sexuality in a new healthy way. She has become my teacher,guide, cheerleader and collaborator.

My healing journey is not finished. Gaia will continue to help me learn and grow. She will continue to foster my new belief that the trauma does not have to control me and the broken places don’t have to stop me!

Liz- Buffalo NY

Liz- Buffalo NY

Trauma Healing – I have the power to choice

I began working with Gaia in March 2017 (give or take) I was a mess. I had spent almost 6 years going in and out of emotional crisis, making choices from a place of reaction and impulse not processed rational thought. Making choice after choice creating more and more drama and negativity in my life. I couldn’t figure it out. I couldn’t understand why I was making the choices I was making, why I kept “doing stupid stuff”.  I also wouldn’t acknowledge that I wasn’t thinking before making choices I was reacting then regretting. The negative self-talk was relentless and my depression became so intense I couldn’t take it anymore something had to change. I had spent years struggling with my sexuality as well as a highly un-serving relationship with substances and sex. I was allowing myself to get into scenarios which led to shame and guilt. I was living a life of “shoulds”, unrealistic standards (for myself and others) I could never uphold but expected myself to anyway then told myself I was a failure when I couldn’t meet them. I felt like a constant hypocrite always searching for blame, for a reason… until I began working with Gaia…

Gaia helped me identify patterns of behavior which were leading to my depression, anxiety and ultimately self-destruction. She taught me how to identify the automatic negative thoughts which were driving my feelings and behaviors. She taught me how to be kind to myself and forgiving, to live in the moment and recognize happiness IS a choice. A choice I get to make every day and now have the skills to do so. She taught me its ok to feel sad and that I don’t have to spend all day suffering from sad happenings that occur. She taught me how to stop judging myself or my thoughts and instead to focus on what I learned and what changes I could to make to move back to a place of joy. She helped me heal my trauma related symptoms and find forgiveness and acceptance in those who had harmed me and I had harmed. She taught me how to care for my inner child and more importantly how to recognize when she needs care!

I don’t have to “should” anymore, I can “is” and that is a beautiful feeling! I am honest with myself and those around me, I don’t have to hurt people to get my needs met like I spent so many years doing. I lived with a very scary monster inside my brain from age 9 until maybe a year ago… I can’t say exactly when he left I just stopped noticing him all of a sudden. I remember when the journey began I had to fight the monster to move back to a place of joy but as I practiced my tools/skills I slowly stopped noticing him talking to me. I don’t fight him anymore because he doesn’t show up like he used to. When I get overwhelmed or stressed I stop, I take a few deep breaths, acknowledge the feelings I am having then I process them. I ask myself: what is happening that is causing these feelings, is there something I can change? Is there someone who can help? Is there something I can do differently? I hug myself, I tell myself I am amazing and awesome and beautiful and that sometimes life is just hard and that’s ok, and I move on with my day, shortly after I’ll notice I am back to my normal baseline of singing and dancing and that feels damn good!

Melissa- North Carolina, USA

Couple Trauma Healing- Couple that heals together stays together!

My wife And I originally went to Gaia seeking healing from the lasting effects of my wife’s childhood abuse trauma. To help her remove any shame and blocks inhibiting full enjoyment of her sexuality and to help her with body image. While this still a work in progress , it has succeeded beyond our expectations, and has enable us to grow enormously in our marriage and sexuality.

Gaia is wonderful at creating a safe and comfortable environment for discussion , discovery and healing. She give you her complete attention and energy while you are with her. Emotions during sessions range from fun, exhilarating, titillating and intense- but always effective. She was able to not only address my wife’s issues but help me to delve into my own past and the baggage I brought into our marriage. I was able to understand how our past issues created tension and dysfunction in our relationship.

The really great thing is Gaia was able to get us to open up and be completely honest with one another. Through the process we were able to discover so much about each another that our marriage and sexual relationship has taken off in all sorts of wonderful and kinky ways.

Our ongoing work with Gaia helps keep us focused on what is important, educates us on various subjects and continues the journey towards our “succulent “ Life together!

Gaia is GREAT, and we would highly recommend her to anyone!

D&J – Michigan, USA

D&J - Michigan, USA 

Sexual Abuse Trauma Healing- Safe and professional

I was molested at the age of three and the resulting imprint in my sexuality has been very difficult to live with. I am really glad to have a confident like Gaia who can listen non-judgmentally to absolutely anything I need to share aloud in order to progress my healing.It is my opinion that Gaia has a wide base of knowledge and experience in the arena of sexual topics and many remedies. She’s given me solid support in my healing quest. She encourages me to take safe steps towards an ever better sexual stand point where I can feel proud, respectful and unburdened. She is a very special person and can be trusted to be safe , comforting and professional.

Goddess E. – Kitchener , Canada

Goddess E. - Kitchener , Canada

Yoni Massage – Sexual awakening

I met Gaia through a dear friend Cyndy Violette. Cyndy had just finished one of Gaia’s retreats in Canada and called me via conference call so I could meet Gaia. We spoke and a few months later she was here in my home in Costa Rica! We put together some workshops and soon had 20 people on my porch listening and learning.

My Name is Sassy Dancing Blossom I am 49 years old and for the first time in my life I was waking up sexually. I remember I kept thinking as Gaia taught… I’m 48 and I never knew any of this. I did however consider myself to be a very sexual woman.

The day that changed everything was the day I went to my Yoni Massage appointment I was apprehensive but trusted Gaia completely. What a powerful day! I gave her permission and the healing began! She woke up every part of my body and removed old and painful blocks that I had collected over my lifetime. I walked away fully awake!

In one workshop I heard Gaia talking about when you are in tune with your body and your sexuality you can have an Orgasm when a light breeze blows over the tiny hairs on your body … What are you KIDDING me! My brain shouted. Well through the loving guidance I received from my power teacher Gaia… IT HAPPENED! It came in a different form but that magical affirming day arrived. I was sitting alone eating a hot juicy burrito. I was very hungry and remember telling myself to slow down and chew. I lifted the burrito to my mouth and some of the creamy hot liquid ran down my hand. I watched it go the moment  frozen in time because my awareness was not on the flavor of my food but this one small drip that was now moving slowly down my hand. I felt it with my whole body and felt my body’s arousal. WOW! Gaia was right! I giggled and silently applauded my growth!

Sassy- Costa Rica

Sassy- Costa Rica 

Yoni Massage- Releasing fear and shame

I feel very blessed to have has a opportunity to have meet Gaia. I had an Amazing Healing Yoni Massage Session.  Gaia has a special way of Creating a sacred space that allowed me to really feel safe. She guided me into getting in touch with some fears, wounds and shame issues that were blocking my sexuality, and she help me to be able to start letting them go! For me this session was a huge piece for my personal and spiritual growth. She is very intuitive and gifted healer. Looking forward to another session.. Even if I have to fly her to me in California. She is definitely one of a kind! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you!

Cindy Violette- Professional Poker Player- LA, USA

(PS She did fly me to down to California for intensive week of healing )

Cindy Violette- Professional Poker Player- LA, USA 

Feeling Safe – Coaching

Gaia has an incredible gift. In all our sessions I have always felt so safe and that no matter how terribly I judged myself, she came with zero judgement. Her outlook and tools are powerful, but the safe space of no judgement is perhaps the key to her success with clients. She has helped me to unlock the deeper and darker aspects of my trauma and to feel whole and worthy as a human being. Thank you Gaia

Dana Pharant


Dana Pharant

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