Trauma Healing

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Healing from sexual abuse, sexual trauma or sexual interference can feel very scary and lonely. Past traumatic experiences can affect all areas of your life. This includes areas such as your sexuality, your ability to connect with others, trust, relationships, feeling safe and to ask what you want or need. For some just being able to be present in a moment can feel almost impossible. One of Gaia’s area of expertise is in helping people to heal sexual trauma, abuse and interference.

Some Definitions:​​

Sexual Trauma: I define sexual trauma as any experience that you did not feel safe, or heard, or respected and as result it created emotional distress in the moment and still does.​

Traumatic experience: Any event or experience that you felt unsafe, and created emotional distress in the moment and you might still have. This can be physical, sexual, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sexual Abuse: Any sexual experience that you did not want to happen that you could not say NO to or if you did it was not respected. This could experience can be in childhood, youth, adulthood.

Sexual Interference: This is usually any experience with someone older then you being sexually inappropriate with you. It may include being forced to watch adult sexual activity. It can be being sexualized by someone, or by coming across sexual activity like in pornography before you are sexual mature to understand what it is. I like to say if at any time someone or something made you feel yiky with any unhealthy sexual undertone that is considered sexual interference.

It is important to understand what some reactions to traumatic experiences might include:

  • Not liking or wanting to be touched or engage in sexual activity.
  • Not being physically or emotionally present during sexual activities
  • Becoming extremely overly sexual
  • No matter how much sex activity you have it is never enough
  • Non orgasmic or orgasm difficulties
  • Erection and Ejaculation difficulties
  • Just to name a few…​

Gaia was sexual and satanic ritual abused as a child and she deeply understands the effects of trauma on peoples lives. The trauma healing tools that she uses and shares with her clients come not only her schooling and or formal education but her own healing and reclaiming safe and power. To learn more about Gaia own healing journey

Gaia has developed an advance Inner Child healing and reprogramming tool call ” The Flush Method” This tool is one of the many that has helped Gaia to reclaim her sexual wellness , heal the terror and vanquished the monsters of her past. Take her hand and she promises to always hold on. Will walk together on this healing journey so that you can reclaim, heal and celebration your sexuality. It time for you to learn how to conquer your past trauma that is interfering in your life.

When you experience trauma, it affects you mind, body and spirit so when you are healing you must heal all 3 to be completely free.. When Gaia works with clients, she looks at how the trauma affected you and is controlling your life. Then a co-create action plan is developed together to support you to move from being a victim to survivor to thriver. ​

Here are some of the ways that this is accomplished:

  • Healing Trauma Coaching: Includes Cognitive reprogramming, talking, goal setting, building support teams, accountability, boundary setting, crisis management, mindfulness, crisis support, relationship support, empowerment training, self esteem building, sexual wellness tools .. too name a few)
  • Trauma Healing Bodywork: This is a hands on touch technique that is combined with breath, colour, sound and visualization work. The purpose is to support and release your body, mind, and soul of any blockages that are stopping you from experiencing a life of pleasure and joy. It also important healing tool to let go of any emotion and cellular blockage as a result of past sexual trauma, abuse, or inference. This technique will even allow you to heal past emotional heart break. For a lot of people receiving touch has been very unsafe and can be very uncomfortable. For some people the idea of allowing someone to touch there body may feel like an impossibility. Read more…

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