The Flush Method

Over the last 20 years I have been studying and working on mastering my subconscious mind. I knew there must be a way to reprogram, rewire and truly heal from past trauma. Not just manage it but to completely heal. So we are only left with the knowledge gained from the trauma experience without the emotional charge.  Woohoo it turns out I was right! I developed two amazing ways to reclaim your power and take back your safety.

  1. Stop, Drop & Wiggle: 7 Easy Steps To Happiness ( which is a book I wrote)
  2. The Flush Method – Advance Inner Child Work – To Master Your Subconscious Mind! (which I use with clients during coaching sessions)

When trauma happens our brain and body take a snapshot of that moment and then our subconscious gets stuck in a trauma loop. So the subconscious brain spends the rest of our life trying to both fix the past and protect us from it ever happening again.  It shows up in every choice we make about everything. I mean in all areas of your life:relationships, career, parenting,money, healthy, eating, sex or lack of sex, addictions, where we live, what we drive.and more. We become very reactive / triggered to the people, places and experiences around because of our past trauma. 

Understanding and finding a way to directly communicate with your subconscious mind has been the key to :

  • Breaking the trauma loop
  • Long lasting changing of unwanted behaviours
  • Healthy Body
  • Feeling safe
  • Learning to Trust
  • Reprogramming unhealthy mindsets
  • Changing judgements that no longer serve us
  • Conquering fears
  • Be able to response to, not react to life 

Most neuroscientist agree that the Subconscious Mind makes up 90%- 95% of your brain! 

The Flush Method was created so you can have direct contact and communication with your subconscious mind by creating an inner world or as I like to call it Inner Child Sanctuary.  

Through your Inner Child Sanctuary:

  •  Heal the trauma
  • Figure the why behind thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • Release the old thoughts, feels and behaviour that no longer serve us
  • Imprint, reprogram and build the new thoughts, feels and behaviours that serve us better
  • Create and Anchor new Neuro-pathways for lasting change 

The Flush Method is step up in 3 phases over time

Phase 1-Creating the Inner Sanctuary – Guided facilitation – in this phase clients establish trust, safety and learn how to communicate with their subconscious (inner kids

Phase 2- Releasing- Emotions, Trauma memories and Thoughts- Guided facilitation for setup and for major releases- however clients spend time using this on their own to release overwhelming emotions or thoughts that don’t serve them 

Phase 3- Reprogramming and building new neuro-pathways- Guided facilitation to setup the new neuro-pathways- Clients reinforce the new pathways on their own

The Flush Method is one of the most powerful tools to understanding yourself and taking control of your mind and body!

Here is what it has done for me:

  •  I have healed from my sexual abuse trauma
  • Taught me to feel safe 
  • Manage my PTSD so it doesnt control me
  • I trust that I can change any thought or behaviour that doesnt serve me or the life I want to have
  • I quit smoking on the first try after smoking for 33 years
  • I would not have been able to heal and reprogram my mind from the damage of the Satanic Cult I was abuse in
  • Just to name a few… . I use it daily.

I have been asked to professional trauma training program for therapists, counselors, other mental health and wellness practitioners on how to add The Flush Method to their practice all over the world.

I look forward to supporting your healing and transformation!



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