Ask Gaia A Question

Have you been dying to ask me a question about sex, love,healing or relationships privately ?

Now you can book 10mins of my time to ask me your question… How exciting!!!!! I know a lot of you have been following me and wishing there was a way to just ask me one question, so I have created this new way of interacting with me that honours your privacy and honours my time as well. 

Once you have paid

  • Please use this google form to send your question
  • Then click the payment button and you will be taken to wave for payment.
  • Then you will then receive in your email a video answer.  

After you have paid there are now 2 ways to Ask Your Question: 

1. You can now book an 10 min online session ” Ask Gaia Anything 10min session” You can ask Gaia your question in person over video chat

2. You can submit your question and I will email you a 10 min video answer within 3 days of your question submission.


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