About Gaia Morrissette

Succulent Living Mandate

Its mandate is to provide a safe non-judgmental and healing environment for individuals and couples to awaken their sexuality through sexual wellness coaching and education. We aim to provide an environment that will promote changes in perspective and feelings about bodies and sexuality. Allowing individuals to embrace their Inner Sexual Being, promoting a life filled with pleasure, passion, intimacy and happiness. We always act from a place of love, honesty and integrity, providing ethical healing practices.

Education and training

  • Over 20 years of teaching, speaking, training and facilitation of Human sexuality and Trauma Recovery and Healing
  • Over 30 years of personal healing of sexual abuse and self discovery
  • Over 50,000 hours of subconscious mind mastery
  • Eight years of Tantra training and practice through 4Freedoms Tantra,
  • The Abused Women and Children Advocacy Program through George Brown College
  • Co-Dependency training through George Brown College
  • Sex Coaching and Life Coaching
  • Over 20,000 hours of pleasure and orgasm mastery


  • Host of My Orgasmic Life Podcast May 2019- present
  • Featured guest and expert on podcasts, radio, TV and  Articles all over the world
  • Featured as a sex expert on the TV Series “The Pleasure Zone.”
  • Founder of Succulent Living institute- Training and online education programs
  • Co-starred in and produced a number of sexual instructional videos.
  • Content contributor, consultant and ambassador for Tickle.life
  • Host of Tickle.life podcast
  • Published Author
  • Facilitated interactive workshops on Human sexuality       and relationships for Wilfred Laurier University.
  • Facilitated interactive and guided workshop and seminar presenter for major swinger events with Tabota 5 yrs.
  • Featured speaker at Sexapalooza,
  • Featured Speaker at Montreal Fetish weekend
  • Has facilitated 100’s of workshops at various locations in Ontario and around the world.
  • Gaia is the creator of a sacred Tantric healing yoni and lingam massages, Tantra Spanking She is a sought after sexual healer around the world.
  • Developed and has sold clay vaginal weightlifting eggs (yoni-eggs), clay dildos, and self-esteem body runes around the world since 2001.

Meet Gaia​

Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, Gaia Morrissette believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magickal  and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia supports people living with more pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness and Trauma Recovery. She is also a BDSM Wellness expert, High Priestess and Pro-Dominatrix. For over 12 years she has been a renowned international speaker, trainer, facilitator, podcaster and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all. Gaia is the founder of gaiamorrissette.com , succulentliving.com, empressgaia.com, healingoftrauma.com & Succulent living institute. Published author of Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! : 7 Easy steps to Happiness. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma healing and recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploring. 

With over twenty years of teaching, coaching,training and assisting people, Gaia has guided and facilitated the sexual awakening of individuals and couples through various healing techniques and even a variety of tantalizing learning experiences eg; clay, drums, movement, bodywork, coaching, BDSM, tantra and online educational and training courses and programs.  She has often been quoted as bringing sexuality and spirit to new levels of creativity, understanding and openness, inspiring a new found sense of joy for her clients , students and workshop attendees.​

She is a retired pottery teacher and drumming instructor.  and Author of Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! : 7 Easy steps to Happiness

Gaia’s four major areas that she works in because they have affected her life and who she has become both personally and professional:

Sexual Wellness and Awakening: Being able to embody being alive whole healthy ethical sexual being has been key in Gaia’s becoming the best version of herself. Understanding that to be healthy and ethical sexual being she had to make sure that she was inline and in harmony with all 5 sexual wellness aspects. Before this she used to be a very sexual unhealthy and sexual dysfunctional doing harm to herself and others with her desires. Now she is an ethical orgasmic goddess and ethical slut

BDSM: For Gaia BDSM has been important part of her own personal healing and reclaiming her mind, body and soul. It has also helped her to truly embrace and come to a place of complete self acceptance and self love. Not to mention sexual exploration! To learn more visit www.empressgaia.com

Trauma Healing: One of her passions and soul calling is supporting people and the world to heal sexual trauma, abuse and interference, because she had to overcome and conquer and heal her own childhood sexual trauma and satanic cult abuse. To learn more visit www.healingoftrauma.com

Magick– Magic: Gaia has been initiated as High Priestess of Divine Sexual & Elemental Magicks and Healing. She is magickal being in everything that she does and uses her intuition and magickal gifts to support groups and individuals to awaken,heal and reclaim their sexuality, love , relationships, body and inner wisdom and trust. She also train and mentors people to awaken to their own Magickal Gifts and runs sex magick manifestation circles. She is also a Tantric Orgasmic Goddess and helps people learn Tantra

Gaia’s Professional Mission

Is to help the world be comfortable with being sexual aroused. That horny or sexual arousal becomes a normal feeling like happy, sad, anger. When someone can ask “How are you?” The response can be “Horny thanks for asking”. When that becomes part of the world norms, then my work here is done!

Gaia Morrissette

I am deeply honored to have individuals, couples and groups of people, trust and feel safe while allowing me to be a part of their life’s journey to awaken their Inner Sex God or Goddess or Divine Sexual Being. May your succulent journey and adventures both inward and outward be sensuous, juicy, and joyful!

Gaia Morrissette

Gaia’s Personal Sexual Wellness-Revolution & Awakening

I would like to share with you a little about me and my own personal journey in living my life outside of society norms. I discovered that I was Bisexual at the age of 15 and spent a couple of years trying to figure out if I was lesbian and what it meant if I was. When I was in college I became the poster girl for Bisexuality, fighting for the rights of bisexuality as a true sexual orientation with issues and concerns. I have had many wonderful and educational relationships and lovers of both genders over the years that have taught me that love, attraction and personal growth can come in any gender. So I now identify as Pansexual. That brings us to my adventures into the world of non-monogamy.

For the first 10 years of my dating life I was a cheater. I never understood why I could not just be happy with the person I was dating. I tried so hard to not cheat but I was never successful. The guilt, shame, lies and the horrible pain I caused was awful and I hated myself. Then one day when I was 20, I was dating this man who for the first time loved and trusted me so much that I decided I would not break his trust. I was honest with him, I had fallen in love with one of my girlfriends. He supported me in telling her, and that began my first open polyamorous relationship. I was in a relationship with both of them for 2 years. During this time, I learned that there are no rules or guide books back then to what I was doing in my life or support. So, we made rules as we went!

Some worked and some were heart breaking. In the end, both of them ended their relationship with me, creating double the heart-break. Any normal sane person would have said well that didn’t work I wouldn’t be trying that again!!!! Oh no, not me. I felt free and knew there had to be a way to make non- monogamy work for me. Then I fell in love again and we were exploring the world of swinging and polyamory. What a fun, crazy and painful ride. We were together for 12 years. I now know that you can live outside of the norm and every relationship you are in is yours to create the rules, the framework and to support each others desires’, needs and healing of our own insecurities.​

I was married to the most amazing sexual free man that push my comfort levels and who has become my guide, teacher and partner: Helping, supporting and encouraging me to become completely sexually free in all areas of sexuality. He has created a safe, loving space that has allowed me to look and face and heal my own sexual abuse trauma. Removing the blockages of fear and shame through BDSM and kinky exploration. THANK YOU!!” We are no longer married but are great friends and roommates now​

Now I have a wonderful harem of lovers that are supportive of me embracing and unleashing my primal sexual self. I have different levels of intimacy, emotional connections and sexual exploration with each of them. Everyone has unique skills and talents that make up TEAM sexy Gaia. BDSM, Kink, tantra, vanilla sex all of them are important for me to express and explore who I am . Fully embracing ,accepting all of my sexual aspects without judgement from myself and my incredible sexual adventure buddies have allowed me to truly unconditional love and accept myself !

I currently getting married to one my harem lovers and we will be having an open marriage. So not much will be changing! Other then having the legal rights of married people. To truly embrace our ethical non-monogamy marriage we will be have orgy on our wedding night. I love my life!

Thank You!!


Remember Sex is good!!!! Sex is fun!!!!! Pleasure is our friend!!

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