Sacred Healing Tantra Yoni (Vulva) Massage

Sacred Healing Tantra Yoni (vulva) Massage​

As women and vagina owners we hold and store negativity in the cells of our yoni’s (vaginas) through thought, feeling, and experience. Both good and unpleasant experiences like:

  • Childbirth
  • Rough sex or premature penetration
  • Sexual Abuse, Rape, Trauma or sexual interference
  • Sexual shame
  • Body shame
  • Rough Menstruation
  • Medical trauma, paps , pelvic exams

The sacred yoni massage helps, supports, and encourages women and vagina owners to release and move through negative blockages ans shame so they can begin to reconnect and reclaim their sexual power. The Sexual Empowerment that is your birth right!

​Overview of the Sacred Healing Tantra Yoni Massage.

  • Intake conversation about concerns, issues and fears as well as determining if there is any sexual trauma
  • Awakening all the pleasure cells in the whole body through various massage, sound, movement, and touch techniques
  • When the Goddess (client) or vulva owners is ready and feeling safe, the yoni will begin to be massaged to release stress, emotions and other blockages.
  • Finish the massage by making energy pathway from yoni to heart chakra with colours and sounds to stabilize the healing work of the session.

This is accomplished by using various techniques: tantra, massage, intuition, energy, visualization, colour, and sound. The whole experience is client directed and focused so that the woman or vulva owner is safe and completely at ease with everything that takes place during the massage.

Length of session: 90 minute at a minimum-3hrs

To learn what other woman and vulva owners have said about their experiences visit the testimonials page!


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