Yoni (vulva) Massage for Couples

As women and vulva owners often only receive sensual pleasure touch, when our partners want sex or when we want to have sex and orgasms.

Yoni massage can be a powerful healing and awakening tool, to reprogram that touching the vagina and vulva is not just when we want something.  

Giving the gift of healing sensual touch without expectation of sex or orgasms is one of the most amazing things for partner to do,  it facilitates for the Vulva owner:

  • Helping to be in the body and out of the brain
  • Helping to surrender to just receive pleasure
  • It can help to release any emotional stress that has been stored in the vagina
  • Yoni massage supports, and encourages vulva owner to communicate likes and dislikes , which can only improve your sex life later
  • It will allow the vulva owner to feel loved, supported and cared for
  • Deeper intimacy between you
  • Helps to awaken erogenous zones all throughout the body
  • Can lay down the ground work for to become Orgasmic and even Multi Orgasmic in their sex life

Benefits to the partner:

  • Improves listening skills
  • Heightens focus
  • Increasing understanding of non verbal communication
  • Understanding slowing down creates more pleasure
  • Becoming more present in the moment and aware of their own sensations

Overview of the Yoni Massage for couples:

There are 2 sessions with Gaia:

The first session Gaia does all the touching: Partner can come to watch if the vuvla owner is comfortable

  •  Intake conversation about concerns, issues and fears as well as determining if there is any sexual trauma.
  •  Awakening all the pleasure cells in the whole body through various massage, sound, movement, and touch techniques. 
  • When the (client) is ready and feeling safe, the yoni will begin to be massaged to release stress, emotions and other blockages. 
  • Finish the massage by making energy pathway from yoni to heart chakra with colours and sounds to stabilize the healing work of the session.

This is accomplished by using various techniques: massage, intuition, energy, visualization, colour, and sound. The whole experience is client directed and focused so that the woman is safe and completely at ease with everything that takes place during the massage. Length of session: 2 hrs. 

The second session Gaia guides /teaches the partner

  • We set up boundaries and safety expectations
  • Gaia shows the partner the different touch techniques. Then Gaia guides the partners hands on the ( vulva owner client body) to repeat those touch techniques
  • Gaia and the Partner go through the whole body and yoni while the (client practices communicating what they are enjoying and not enjoying with the safety and support of Gaia). The 2nd session takes about 2-3hrs.

The Yoni Massage for couples package  is $ 1250.00plus HST which can be broken up into 2 payments with 10% financing fee.​

To learn what other woman have said about their experiences visit the testimonials page!


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