Bodywork and Wellness

The body stores all of our emotional and physical experiences and if those experiences were traumatic or unpleasant then those past experiences are still affecting your body today. Until those negative experiences are released the body will not allow you to fully be present in your body and pleasure and orgasmic pleasure will be limited. In my experience the most powerful and long term solution to healing the body is touch. Cognitive and Mindset work is an important part of healing the whole person as long as there is some form of bodywork in the mix. 

 What is a Bodywork session with Gaia?

Bodywork sessions are designed to heal through hands on touch techniques that are a combination of touch,breath, colour, sound and visualization work. The purpose is to support and release your body, mind, and soul of any blockages that are stopping you from experiencing a life of pleasure and joy. It is also an important healing tool to let go of any emotion and cellular blockage as a result of past sexual trauma, abuse, or inference.

These techniques will even allow you to heal past emotional heart breaks. Which affects our abilities to feel love and have healthy relationships. 

For a lot of people receiving touch has been very unsafe and can be very uncomfortable. For some people the idea of allowing someone to touch their body may feel like an impossibility. 

I have spent my life in the study of human behaviour  and with over thousands of hours of observing and mastering the art of understanding and interpreting human’s non verbal body language  this is one of the reasons that I am able so good at creating a safe space for people to release and heal. I am also gifted in reading people’s energy fields to see where there are blockages in the body.  

Here Are Couple Of The Bodywork Treatments Gaia Offers:


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