Sexual Wellness

What is sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness encompasses sexuality as a whole within 5 different aspects: 

Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration, Sacred 

If any one of the aspect are out of whack then it will affect the rest of your sexuality. Your sexual wellness impacts the rest of your life including your mind, body and spirit. Each aspect is important to explore and nurture so you can have healthy epic sexual relationships with yourself and others.

It is important to understand when within this context, the use of the word sexuality does not simply refer to the act of sexual activity or orgasm, which is a very good, but is only a small part of sexuality. Gaia considers sexuality as a whole, which affects our physical health, happiness, passion, creativity, emotional and mental wellbeing.

 The benefits to sexual wellness:

  • More energy    
  • Happier in all areas of your life   
  • More physical health and longevity   
  • Lots and lots of Orgasmic Experiences
  • Deeper connection in your relationship with others       
  • Supports improved general wellbeing and joy        
  • Increases imagination and creativity        
  • Promotes and increasing your communication skills sets
  • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence, among many others.
  • Improve productivity both in personal and professional life
  • Entrepreneurs – More clients and money         

Explore the 5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness


What does play have to do with Sexuality? It is the foundation of all sexuality! Sexuality is just adult play. After 12 years of teaching kids I noticed that when they felt safe and secure in themselves, they had no fear of ‘risking’. When they risked, they would play, laugh and explore with abandon. Working with my sexual wellness coaching clients I started to notice that one of the root sexual problems was they did not feel safe and therefore they could not enjoy sex. Read more…


Being fully in your body & moving through the world with your senses awake. Allowing yourself permission to experience sensory pleasure moments through smell, taste, touch & sound throughout your day. There is a greater orgasmic payoff when you allow yourself sensory pleasure experiencing more intense orgasmic pleasure, multiple orgasms & even toe curling orgasms! Women will have an easier time experiencing orgasm & more likely to desire to have sex more often. Woohoo! Men will become more aware of their body, which will in turn help to slow down their ejaculation and increase pleasure. Read more…


 Most people spend so much time trying to control the pleasure – trying to force the orgasm to happen, missing out on the amazing orgasmic experience & pleasure that their body wants to have and express. This aspect includes the exploration & development of sexual skills & techniques…. working on communication also learning to get out of your brain & surrender into your body. Read more…


As a sexual being can now free yourself to spread your wings and start to soar. Developing & creating a new healthy set of sexual core believes that are in line with your deep sexual desires. It is the delightful playground of new pleasure possibilities looking at your deep sexual desires, and fantasies. This a great time for pleasure & self-discovery. It is also time to start sharing your sexual desires & fantasies with your lover(s). Read more…


The Sacred Aspect is about using the human body as a way to reach higher states of consciousness, connecting to the source of life energy in the universe through sexual energy, by discovering how sexual energy can be utilized for more than just orgasmic pleasure. Being able to connect and speak to God or the Universe ( please use whatever language works for you here). It can be used for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing. Sacred sexual practices have been around for 1000′s of years in many different cultures. Some better known practices include Tantra, Taoism, Paganism and are frequently found in Aboriginal tribes. Read more…

Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette can help you with…

  • healing sexual trauma, sexual abuse and sexual interference (visit Gaia’s Healing of Trauma Website)    
  • are unhappy with your sensual/sexual self   
  • are unhappy with your sex life    
  • release sexual shame and guilt
  • want to have an orgasm    
  • have low sexual desire    
  • have not yet reached orgasm with yourself or a partner    
  • want to control your orgasm    
  • want to become multi-orgasmic 
  • want to become serial orgasmic   
  • struggle with rapid ejaculation (premature ejaculation)    
  • want to expand your types of orgasmic experiences    
  • want more intense orgasms    
  • want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with your lover    
  • want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with yourself    
  • desire to love and accept your body    
  • want to enhance your sexual pleasure    
  • want to expand your sexual techniques/skills    
  • find yourself saying, “my vagina made me do it” or “my penis made me do it”    
  • feel shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, pressure, stress, or pain in relation to sex and intimate interactions with others    
  • use sex to avoid feeling    
  • are tired of being in unhealthy relationship    
  • desire to rekindle your sexual spark in your relationship    
  • curious about alternative sexual relationship and lifestyles

We are all born as perfect sexual beings until societal norms, family dysfunction or painful relationships steal or warp our sense of self-acceptance and sexual power. Don’t worry. You can reclaim, heal and awaken your sexual, succulent being.

Sexuality, sensuality and relationships are very complicated areas in our lives. Gaia can help you navigate the waters and help you experience joy, peace and pleasure. Let her be your healer, your cheerleader and sensual adventure guide along your journey of self-exploration and love. 

You deserve to have a hot,epic and  juicy sex life!

How Gaia can support your awakening


  • Sexual Wellness Coaching
  • Sexual Skill Building Coaching
  • Pre Commitment Coaching
  • Tantra Coaching
  • BDSM Wellness Coaching


  • Sacred Yoni Massage
  • Sacred Lingam Massage
  • Safe Touch Sessions
  • Orgasm Mastery Sessions


Online Courses, Programs both Self- Study and Guided in areas of Sex, Sexual Skill Building, all Relationships styles, Tantra, BDSM

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