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Tantra for 1 – Sarah

” I really enjoyed this Tantra for 1 course and it has upped my libido to the point where I feel complete surrender to my orgasmic self when I use the tools Gaia shared with me. I felt that they could help me shift my mood from super grumpy to calm and confident. The energy was deep and fulfilling and made me see these practices as sacred. Being single this was a great to just be present with myself, create my own energy that I can eventually bring in to a relationship. I’d recommend this course for anyone looking to go deeper into their senses.” – Sarah- Huntsville, Can.


Sarah - Huntsville, Ontario Canada

Tantra for 1- Michele

“I have just completed the Tantra for 1 course taught by Gaia and I can easily say it exceeded my expectations. When I signed up, I was looking to grow – to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to look inward and heal myself – especially in areas pertaining to self-love. Well, this course definitely delivered. Gaia is such a light in this world – creating a comfortable environment for me to share new self-discoveries in front of people I just met. As well, I find the people that are drawn to her and take her courses are beautiful souls that also are open, loving and genuinely care about helping each other. The Tantra for 1 taught me to live in the moment and how to appreciate the current moment…it taught me techniques on how to feel joy and pleasure where ever I am. Everything that Gaia taught helped me in my journey of self-love and self-acceptance. I would not hesitate to recommend this course as there is something here for everyone. ” – Michele Lawrence


Michele Lawrence

Tantra For 1- Sassy Sarah

“I decided to sign up for Tantra for 1 because of all of the amazing one-on-one work I had been doing with Gaia over the past year and a half. I was eager to learn more from her, but this time in a group setting. Gaia is a very perceptive teacher, and is amazing at recognizing where each student is and what they need. She always ensures she fosters a safe, non-judgemental space for students to express themselves openly and honestly. Tantra for 1 has provided me with many tools and techniques to use in my daily life, to shift my mood and energy, and to be the sexy, tantric goddess I want to be!”

Sassy Sarah- Kitchener, Can.

Sassy Sarah - Kitchener

Tantra For 1- Lisa – Cambridge, Can.

My journey with the Tantra for 1 class… I wasn’t sure what to expect from this class and I am so glad that I came in with no expectations. This class took me on some deep explorations learning to connect with myself by expanding my knowledge in areas of ethical sex energy, learning how to embracing sacred sexuality in everyday life, self awareness of my body, my emotions and thoughts, to list just a few! The breath work techniques brought a new dimension to my mindfulness practice I didn’t realize I was missing. Not realizing how afraid I was to allow myself to become a pleasure seeker and the abundance of energy it has brought into my life has left me feeling curious and interested again in areas I previously felt stuck and/or insecure. The confidence and emotional wellbeing I take from this course is overflowing into all areas of my life. Gaia has an incredible way of tapping into each student. She creates such a safe space to explore and sets expectations that motivate you to continue your journey with the interesting and challenging homework assignments that is nurtured with accountability buddies so you never feel alone. She is able to meet you where you are and gently guide you through whatever process you need to explore with the intention of expanding your awareness and ultimately the bliss and abundance that it creates in your life. As a busy mother of two young children, full time career and the challenges that life can throw at us, I am so greatful for this experience. It has given me the tools I needed to create more joy, understand challenges in a totally new way and release them with the various techniques that were taught where previously I felt stuck for months. I am so excited to take the next level of this course and take it to the next level!” Lisa St.Pierre

Lisa St.Pierre

Lisa St.Pierre

Tantra For 1- Lee, Kitchener, Can.

“A general understanding of tantra might be how to have better and more energetically powerful sex, and that sounded great to me as a guy who wants to be able to provide the best possible experience for my lover, but after taking the Tantra for 1 course it became clear that this truly begins with embracing the entire human experience for myself. This course taught me how to slow things down and be present with each of my senses, to really notice all the pleasure possibilities available to me in every moment. By fully leaning into each moment, the thoughts,emotions, and sensations become clear. As a result, I can observe,build, and harness my life force energy, which is my true sexual energy. I took this course with my girlfriend and we learned how to navigate our tantric practices as separate entities, discovering how important it is to sit in our respective sexual energies without oozing and projecting our experiences or desires on to one another without consent. With that said, we did learn when and how it is best to bring our newly discovered abilities together in an overlap to co-create experiences we didn’t know we’re possible. I was also given  permission to explore the sounds that were locked up inside of me, to touch different parts of my body using different textures to wake areas up that haven’t been given the attention they deserve, and breathe in ways that could almost immediately bring me to an aroused state. Another takeaway for me was how primal and sacred energy are just as important as the other in my tantric practice. I had always understood tantra to be a strictly sacred experience. Also tucked into the curriculum was the chance to explore judgements, of myself and others, learning how to release those properly so that I can fully step into and move as my authentic self. By committing to continuing what I’ve learned in Tantra for 1, I’m confident that I can continue to build myself up as a complete sexual being on my own so that the sexual relationship I have with myself and with others can only continue to become more and more mind-blowing.”

Lee Watson

Lee Watson

How The Past Can Affect Our Relationship And Life – CC- Buffalo, NY

I’ve worked with Gaia for years and will continue to work with her and recommend her. I came to her with unhealed childhood trauma that was wreaking havoc on my marriage, making an already stressful corporate job impact my health, and causing me to rely on coping behaviors just to survive another day. Thanks to her her coaching, counseling, and through incorporating her techniques into my daily life, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my quality of life. I had been working with counselors and therapists for decades before I began working with Gaia and I can not stress enough that ONLY GAIA has been able to get to the source of each issue. Once identified, she provides the guidance, support, and tools to heal and release the trauma. Healing old wounds has transformed me from a person just trying to survive each day into a thriving whole person able to experience and enjoy my life.

CC – Buffalo, NY

Goddess Bath and Yoni Massage – Goddess M – East Coast

I participated in a bathing ritual and yoni massage. I am working on self love relaxation in self acceptance. Gaia began our time together with a beautiful gentle respectful ceremony and both expressing our needs and offering to each other over the session. With lowlights incense and oils the bath was completely welcoming. Gaia was very comfortable with herself and is very respectful of others. She created a very safe space in an atmosphere that allowed me to experience and explore relaxation, while moving stuck energy through my body that was causing self judgement. Her quiet humour and gentle ways made one immediately feel  safe to express many things I had been holding for a long time.

I felt seen, heard and respected. I highly recommend a sessions for anyone who is looking to release trapped energy but a lot if you want a beautiful relaxing bath into the pampered a bit

Goddess M -East Coast, Canada

Advance Foreplay Workshop- Dan, Toronto

Advance foreplay workshop.  This workshop was well explained then interactive demonstrations helped maintain the learning behaviour. I learned about changing pressure and the importance of pleasure zones. My favourite part of the workshop was the demonstration especially the last lick nibble lick bite and kiss. Gaia is awesome

Dan- Toronto, Canada

Desire Resort Workshops- Mrsbearcat- Desire Resorts, Mexico

Desire Resort Workshop- I learned so much and it was comfortable. Gaia was a great instructor. She was so informative and made me feel good . These workshops were the highlight of my vacation, what a great addition

Mrsbearcat- Desire Resorts, Mexico

Desire Resort Workshops- Sheila H.- Desire resorts, Mexico

Desire Resort Workshops -Gaia is so open and makes me feel very comfortable discussing issues in sexuality. These workshops absolutely added value to our vacation experience. So much that my husband and I are going to hire Gaia  when we get home for private coaching

Sheila H.- Desire resorts, Mexico

Trauma Healing- Goddess E- Kitchener, Can.

I was molested at the age of 3 and the resulting imprint in my sexuality has been very difficult to live with. I am really glad to have a coach like Gaia who can listen non judgmentally  to absolutely anything I need to share which allows me to process my healing. It is my opinion that Gaia has a wide base of knowledge and experience in the areas of sexual topics. In many remedies she’s given me solid support in my healing quest. She encourages me to take safe steps towards an even better sexual standpoint where I can feel proud, respectful and unburden. She is a very special person who can be trusted to be safe, calm, comforting and professional.

Goddess E- Kitchener, Canada

Bachelorette Party-  K- Kitchener, Canada

Bachelorette party- I enjoyed that we led the content. Gaia  is easy going, easily answering all questions, while bringing in her own experiences. All questions were addressed and nothing was off limits.

K- Kitchener, Canada

Bodywork- Captain pleasure- Los Angeles, California

Bodywork- Every once in a while something magical happens. Gaia provided that magic.. and for that I will never be the same. I was always thinking that the ultimate goal was the big O. Than during our bodywork session  Gaia whispered into my ear just enjoy the pleasure not the end result.  For a man to hear this new concept was amazing. I don’t have to perform. I can now achieve satisfaction in pleasure without the big O. The magic part of this is the pleasure does not end.

Captain pleasure- Los Angeles, California

Bachelorette Party- Shelby Foster- Cambridge, Canada

Bachelorette Party- I 1st met Gaia at a bachelorette workshop party. I will admit I didn’t really expect too much  from this class. I thought we would get some tips and tricks and be on our way, but instead we got a whole lot more than we bargained for. Gaia’s ability to create a connection with each person in providing knowledge and wisdom was incredible. She was able to provide the entire Group with sexual feedback that would surely change their sexual relationships from this point forward. The information she shared spoke directly to those in the Room. Enabling each woman to benefit greatly. I know I did. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Shelby Foster- Cambridge, Canada

Yoni Massage-A 65 year old juicy women- LA, California 

Yoni Massage-My experience with Gaia was magical. I worried that my body had peeked out to discover that I am not broken, pleasure and I am just different at this age. I now feel ready to open my awareness and my heart to the wildness of being women into the passions of my sexuality. I can’t wait to try the yoni egg the gaia gave me for strengthening and toning the insides towards more joy. Bless you gaia  !

A 65 year old juicy women- LA, California

Trauma Healing-Thriving Survivor 

Trauma Healing-Thriving Survivor

As a Thriving survivor,Gaia’s words and wisdom are delivered in a way that I can learn and heal my not so sexy experiences. Thank you for creating a safe space, where I can learn, explore , heal and grow. Best Coach EVER!

Kat- Waterloo, On


Yoni Massage – Sexual awakening- Sassy- Costa Rica

Yoni Massage – Sexual awakening

I met Gaia through a dear friend Cyndy Violette. Cyndy had just finished one of Gaia’s retreats in Canada and called me via conference call so I could meet Gaia. We spoke and a few months later she was here in my home in Costa Rica! We put together some workshops and soon had 20 people on my porch listening and learning.

My Name is Sassy Dancing Blossom I am 49 years old and for the first time in my life I was waking up sexually. I remember I kept thinking as Gaia taught… I’m 48 and I never knew any of this. I did however consider myself to be a very sexual woman.

The day that changed everything was the day I went to my Yoni Massage appointment I was apprehensive but trusted Gaia completely. What a powerful day! I gave her permission and the healing began! She woke up every part of my body and removed old and painful blocks that I had collected over my lifetime. I walked away fully awake!

In one workshop I heard Gaia talking about when you are in tune with your body and your sexuality you can have an Orgasm when a light breeze blows over the tiny hairs on your body … What are you KIDDING me! My brain shouted. Well through the loving guidance I received from my power teacher Gaia… IT HAPPENED! It came in a different form but that magical affirming day arrived. I was sitting alone eating a hot juicy burrito. I was very hungry and remember telling myself to slow down and chew. I lifted the burrito to my mouth and some of the creamy hot liquid ran down my hand. I watched it go the moment  frozen in time because my awareness was not on the flavor of my food but this one small drip that was now moving slowly down my hand. I felt it with my whole body and felt my body’s arousal. WOW! Gaia was right! I giggled and silently applauded my growth!

Sassy- Costa Rica

Yoni Massage- Releasing fear and shame- Cindy Violette – Los Vegas, USA

Yoni Massage- Releasing fear and shame- Cindy Violette – Los Vegas, USA

I feel very blessed to have had an opportunity to have met Gaia. I had an Amazing Healing Yoni Massage Session.  Gaia has a special way of Creating a sacred space that allowed me to really feel safe. She guided me into getting in touch with some fears, wounds and shame issues that were blocking my sexuality, and she helped me to be able to start letting them go! For me this session was a huge piece for my personal and spiritual growth. She is a very intuitive and gifted healer. Looking forward to another session.. Even if I have to fly her to me in California. She is definitely one of a kind! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you!

Cindy Violette- Professional Poker Player- Los Vegas, USA

(PS She did fly me to down to California for intensive week of healing )

Couple Trauma Healing- Couple that heals together stays together! D&J

Couple Trauma Healing- Couple that heals together stays together!

My wife And I originally went to Gaia seeking healing from the lasting effects of my wife’s childhood abuse trauma. To help her remove any shame and blocks inhibiting full enjoyment of her sexuality and to help her with body image. While this still a work in progress , it has succeeded beyond our expectations, and has enable us to grow enormously in our marriage and sexuality.

Gaia is wonderful at creating a safe and comfortable environment for discussion , discovery and healing. She give you her complete attention and energy while you are with her. Emotions during sessions range from fun, exhilarating, titillating and intense- but always effective. She was able to not only address my wife’s issues but help me to delve into my own past and the baggage I brought into our marriage. I was able to understand how our past issues created tension and dysfunction in our relationship.

The really great thing is Gaia was able to get us to open up and be completely honest with one another. Through the process we were able to discover so much about each another that our marriage and sexual relationship has taken off in all sorts of wonderful and kinky ways.

Our ongoing work with Gaia helps keep us focused on what is important, educates us on various subjects and continues the journey towards our “succulent “ Life together!

Gaia is GREAT, and we would highly recommend her to anyone

D&J – Michigan, USA

Trauma Healing- When the student is ready the teacher appears- Liz

It is often said that “ when the student is ready the teacher will appear” Gaia appeared in my life when I was ready to learn, grow and heal sexually. I was ready to take the risks needed to heal the broken places in my life. I was ready to try a different path to healing.

Gaia’s Knowledge of sexuality and trauma:her skills as a teacher,facilitator and healer; her respect for me and my healing path have resulted in change that I didn’t believe was possible before I met her. Gaia provides me with a safe and supportive space to experience touch and my sexuality in a new healthy way. She has become my teacher,guide, cheerleader and collaborator.

My healing journey is not finished. Gaia will continue to help me learn and grow. She will continue to foster my new belief that the trauma does not have to control me and the broken places don’t have to stop me!


Liz- Buffalo NY

Yoni Massage- Release Old Energy That No Longer Serves – A- Costa Rica

Getting a Yoni Massage from Gaia is one of the best self inquiry adventures I have taken. If you want to connect with yourself to receive this amazing offering that is unlike any other!! Gift yourself with love and attention you deserve it. Be brave to know yourself more. The yoni massage lends to release and relinquishing in a way that brings revitalization and rejuvenation. Moving energy that may be guarded helps us to see the world more brightly. Really words cannot express the holistic effects that whole treatment Gaia offers as a healing journey of self care and furthermore … celebration !! Thank you Gaia FOREVER !


A-Costa Rica

Gaia Saved Our Marriage

Gaia is the BEST! She saved our marriage and has helped me cope with past sexual trauma; as well as embrace my own sexuality. She’s easy and fun to talk to and is able to get to the heart of the matter. Thank you, Gaia!

Ryan -Buffalo, NY

Couples Coaching-Sometimes to Save your relationship you need to start with yourself- Sarah K.W. , ON

My partner and I found ourselves at a sex less point in our relationship of 12 years. While seeking out sexual wellness advice, we came across Gaia’s website and are both so grateful that she has become a part of our lives! I thought the majority of our sessions would be as a couple, however I was surprised to learn that we would be going to see Gaia individually most of the time. I have truly learned how to love myself and express my inner goddess. Working on ourselves individually has made our relationship even stronger as a result. I had no idea we would not only share more physically intimate moments and endeavour sexual exploration, but also create an even deeper emotional connection and respect for one another. Koodos to Gaia and the work she does!! ”

— Sarah from KW, ON

Couples coaching – Saved My Marriage! Charmagne- Buffalo, NY

When I was first referred to Gaia, I was broken. Every day was spent on the verge of tears (I now know I was in a constant “triggered” state) because my ten year marriage was unraveling. Through working with Gaia, I was able to recognize the source of my pain and heal it. Things really picked up when she started to work with me AND my husband. She taught us how to get out of our painful cycle and we are now closer than ever. We’re communicating, we’re quick to laugh and slow to anger, we’re no longer living in a state of pain and reactivity. What’s interesting is we came to Gaia to focus on our sexual well being and while we’ve scratched the surface of sexual well being, the focus has been on all of the things we needed to heal in order to connect intimately. I can not stress enough that the reason my husband and I are not divorced is because we found Gaia and we were both willing to do the work she challenged us to do. It wasn’t easy. Looking at my contribution to my own unhappiness, choosing to heal it, and choosing to not bring it along with me into even one new day was hard, but if you’re ready to be VERY honest with yourself and be responsible for your healing, Gaia can help you change your life.

-Charmagne from Buffalo,NY

Sexual Wellness Seminar- Gaia is Amazing!

Sexual Wellness Seminar-This sexual wellness Seminar was incredible. I learned many things about myself. Gaia is amazing!

Attendee- Cambridge,  Ontario

Art Of Self Love Workshop- Self Knowledge Is Pleasure

Art Of Self Love Workshop-Gaia was so informative and kept to the topic at hand. I loved how she shared personal experiences and stories. I learned the importance of getting to know myself better.

 Attendee- Waterloo, Ontario

Art of self love workshop- R.S. Waterloo, ON

Art of self love workshop-In this workshop I felt comfortable, open and excited to learn more!

R.S. – Waterloo, Ontario

Bachelorette party- T. Kitchener, ON

Bachelorette party- I love the fact that it was so casual and fun. It was fantastic and Gaia is awesome! I had A-blast I’m going to plan a party with my friends! Thanks Gaia!

T.- Kitchener, ON

Bachelorette party- G. Kitchener, ON

Bachelorette party- Because of Gaia’s unique personality from the beginning .I felt very comfortable  with the topics discussed. We laughed and laughed and yet I learned more than I thought about myself and about how to improve my sex life

G.- Kitchener, ON

Fifty Shades Of Play Workshop- Mark H. Desire Resorts, Mexico

Fifty Shades Of Play Workshop- I loved learning new terms and concepts. I loved Gaia’s enthusiasm and passion for the topic of sexuality. This made our Desire vacation more exciting.

Mark H. – Desire Resorts Mexico

Sex Workshops With Gaia -Desire Resorts, Mexico

Sex Workshops With Gaia -Gaia’s workshops at desire resorts are great. She taught us many new ideas and thoughts to improve or relationship and sex life. Her ability to share knowledge about relationships and sexuality that she gained  both professionally and personally inspired and  promoted a lot of conversation with my wife and myself. Gaia’s such a fun person. Her stories in life makes the classes and workshops fun. The classes really added a lot to our time at the desire resorts

Steve L.-Desire Resorts, Mexico

Spanking 101 Workshop- A. Barrie, ON

Spanking 101 workshop -Gaia has a great teaching style, informative and relaxing. She is easy to understand. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in my sex life. I highly recommend her! I was nervous at first. I got comfortable and now I’m very relaxed and ready to explore.

A.- Barrie, Ontario

Sex Workshops With Gaia -Desire Resorts, Mexico .

Sex Workshops With Gaia -I discovered the ability to enjoy touch and taste on a new level. Gaia is open, honest and her willingness to talk about how to improve your sex life was refreshing. These workshops helped me to understand the body and how many orgasmic spots we have!

Attendee- Desire Resort, Mexico

Sexual Wellness Seminar- Was Very Comfortable

Sexual Wellness Seminar-It was a very comfortable atmosphere with Gaia, even though I never attended a workshop of this nature before.

 Attendee- Kitchener, Ontario

Sexual Wellness Seminar- Was Refreshing

Sexual Wellness Seminar. It’s so refreshing to talk plainly and honestly about sexuality and about starting with loving yourself first!

Chris-Kitchener, Ontario

Bachelorette Party- Gaia is Fabulous!

Bachelorette party- Gaia was fabulous! She made us feel very comfortable.

Attendee-Orillia, Ontario

Bachelorette Party-My Confidence Was Boosted!

Bachelorette party- Felt comfortable and confident with the new information and ideas I receive from Gaia.

Attendee-Orillia, Ontario

Bachelorette Party-It Not Just A Party But Educational!

Bachelorette party- Not only educational but just A-blast to get closer to the group of friends on a whole new level!

Attendee -Orillia, Ontario

Bachelorette Party-EVERY Women Need To Come To One Of Gaia’s Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette party- I think every woman needs to learn about herself and lover to help increase not only intimacy with her lover but with herself. To figure out what she truly wants and desires. Gaia taught us people need to be comfortable with who they are. Sex is raw and women have wants and needs too. It doesn’t need to be a secret.

Attendee – Orillia,Ontario

Bachelorette Party-Fun and Informative!

Bachelorette party-What a fun and very informative group discussion. I would definitely recommend this type of educational event to any woman!

Attendee -Orillia, Ontario

Bachelorette Party-Nothing Was Off Limits!

Bachelorette party- Gaia was an amazing instructor! She made everyone feel very comfortable to ask questions. The whole evening was very educational. There was no question she couldn’t answer or areas that were off limits. She really opened our minds to talking about sex in learning new things.

Attendee -Orillia, Ontario

Bachelorette Party- Happy and Tingling

Bachelorette party- I felt very happy throughout the party and  super excited to try new things with my husband. I loved how natural all the content was and how amazing our bodies are.

Lindsay -Orillia, Ontario

Sexual Wellness Seminar- Comfortable and Safe!

Sexual Wellness Seminar-. I felt comfortable and safe throughout the seminar. I love the time Gaia took to fully address each question in detail.

Attendee – Cambridge, Ontario 

Sexual Wellness Seminar-Take Baby Steps Before You Swing From The Rafters!

Sexual Wellness Seminar- I love how doable Gaia makes everything seem. She gave me ways to improve intimacy in my sex life, intercourse and everything in between.It was amazing to have the baby steps laid out before working up to bigger stuff.

Attendee – Cambridge, Ontario

Bachelorette Party- Go Home And Talk About Sex More Openly!

Bachelorette party-I feel way more comfortable to go home to my partner and discuss the things I learned about sex in a new  open way! Thanks Gaia!

 Attendee -Orillia, Ontario

Sexual Wellness Seminar- Owning My Sexual Power!

Sexual wellness seminar. At this seminar I learned soo MUCH! I feel motivated to now own my sexuality, something I was always nervous about and carrying shame to do. Now I feel empowered! Thanks SOOO Much Gaia!

 Danielle- Cambridge, Ontario

Sexual Wellness Seminar- Knowing Thee Self!

Sexual wellness seminar- This  women seminar was incredible! I learned many things today about myself. Gaia is amazing!

Attendee – Cambridge, Ontario 



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