Pre- Marriage or Pre- Commitment Coaching

Why Pre-Marriage & Pre-Commitment Coaching?

So many couples come to see Gaia  because they end up in a sexless relationship. This happens because the couple never took the time either before marriage or early in the dating process  to seat down and talk about what do they want their sex life together to look like. 

Never ask each another the important sex questions like:​

  • What is your sex drive normal like ?
  • How important is sexual intimacy to you?
  • Is sexual exploration important you?
  • What are your deep dark sexual desires?
  • Do have any past sex believes or past traumatic experiences that will end up affecting our marriage?

Gaia has helped 100’s of couples to create a healthy, happy and epic sex life after years of misery , hurt , betrayal and infidelity.. Don’t be one of those couples that need to come see me after YEARS of unhappiness. Start your relationship off RIGHT! In the beginning of a relationship things are hot and heavy but as the relationship settles the sexual spark fizzles out! This is because in the beginning, your body’s and brains are producing bio-chemicals that are responsible for the thoughts and feeling of “Falling in love” and “Raw Sexual Desire” Which is awesome however cant last if you are not on the same page around the importance of sexual intimacy in your long term relationship!

Sex is a very important part of a happy long lasting relationship. You wouldn’t commitment to someone that your had not talk about your wants and beliefs in other areas like:

  • Child rearing
  • Money
  • House hold – habits
  • Religion

So why is Sex not talk about the same way?

  1. Mostly because we don’t think we need to its hot and heavy in the beginning and we are taught to belief it will stay like that FOREVER! Which is not true!
  2. Sex is uncomfortable to talk about and we are taught to belief and feel shame about sex and our sexual desires
  3. Worried that our partner might think we are a slut or pervert if we talk about sex
Make sure you are still this passionate about one another after years of being together !

Pre-marriage or Pre-engagement sex coaching packages is all about co creating the happy, healthy, deep and epic long lasting sexual relationship you deserve to have with one another. Gaia will teach you how to make sure you always feel hot and heavy for one another…

These can be done in person or online

  • 1st session: Couples sexual assessment
  • 2nd session: Building compatible sexual desires and goals
  • 3rd session: Sexual skill building techniques​

3 Sessions Package​- Each Session is 2 hours

Investment: $1,500.00 (or 3 payments of $550.00 there is a 10% financing fee) 

6 Sessions Package – Each Session is 2 hours ​

  • 1st session: couples sexual assessment
  • 2nd session: Building compatible sexual desires and goals
  • 3rd session: Releasing old sexual believes that no longer serve the relationship
  • 4th session: Communication and intimacy
  • 5th session: Sexual skill building techniques
  • 6th session: Sexual skill building techniques​

Investment: $3000.00 (or 4 payments of $825.00 there is a 10% financing fee) 


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