Sacred-Sexual Wellness Aspect

The 5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness:


The sexual wellness aspect – Sacred uses the human body as a way to reach higher states of consciousness, connecting to the source of life energy in the universe through sexual energy. Discovering your connection to that sexual energy can allow for more than just orgasmic pleasure. Being able to connect and speak to God or the Universe (please use whatever language works for you here), allows for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing. Sacred sexual practices have been around for 1000’s of years in many different cultures. Some better known expressions of this connection are Tantra , Taoism, Paganism and are also found in many Aboriginal tribes.

Connecting to the sexual energy and sexual magick in the universe and learning how to harness it for the healing, creating and supporting yourself and the world is magical. It allows you to reclaim your Spiritual Self. This connection allows you understand and feel part of the world, the earth and all living things. When you achieve this connection you begin to know in every cell of your body, mind and soul that you are no longer isolated and alone. The most important thing about the sexual wellness-Sacred aspect is that you consciously become aware and present in your body and in each moment….. My Sacred sexual practices consisted of Tantra and the use of divine sexual energy. (more details)

Lets talk about Tantra , Succulent Living and Sex Magick:


Tantra has many different meanings, expressions and practices. Tantra, for me is a way of living life completely present in the moment, with all of your senses fully engaged. This allows you to be more aware in the world with endless benefits: If you desire to deepen your relationship, improve your communication and bring your sexual relationship with yourself and or others to new levels of pleasure, delight and spiritual bliss, Tantra is for you….​

Succulent Living

Succulent Living is more then the name of Gaia’s company it is a way of living your life. Living your life full out! Being a daily ethical pleasure seeker! Being self aware and honest with yourself! Showing up in the world unapologetic! When you live a life fully consciously aware and present you create amazing and magical experiences and relationships! Anything is possible! Love, Wealth, Health, Pleasure, Travel and anything else your heart and soul desires

Sex Magick

Sex Magick is understanding that everything in the universe is made up of energy. Each energy has it’s own frequency. Sex magick is about harnessing and focusing those energy for a purpose with the amplification of the sex magicks frequencies. To learn more

Benefits of practicing Tantra and succulent living:

  • More present in your body (allowing yourself to receive pleasure all over your body)
  • Supports personal emotional growth and healing – finding joy and inner peace
  • Deepen your spiritual connection – feeling connected to something larger then yourself
  • Building trust and opening your heart
  • Allowing for deeper sexual experience with yourself and others
  • Experiencing divine love ecstasy
  • Sensual, sexual pleasure is available in every area of your life e.g.: standing in the line at the bank you can still receive sensual sexual pleasure in your toes
  • Connecting, communicating with the Universe, Higher Self, God
  • Allow your soul to dance , sing and explore with your partners soul
  • Promotes sexual, physical health
  • Become an amazing skilled lover
  • There are endless possibilities of joy, inner peace and pleasure awaiting you.​

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