Tantra Coaching

Tantra is a way to live your life! It is a practice of fully embracing all the good , bad and ugly of being human.  To learn more about tantra visit

Tantra Coaching is about having one on one support from Gaia. Allowing her to help you clear any blockages and subconscious beliefs that are stopping you from being able to choose tantra mindful present and self awareness. Often we can learn tools and techniques that will change our life via courses, retreats, books and we are super excited to start using them!

However after a week or so we fall off the wagon of personal growth! Why? 

We have some subconscious beliefs that are in direct opposition to what you want your new life to be. Those beliefs are deeply rooted in our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Without clearing and reprogramming the old beliefs… NO matter how much you LEARN your subconscious WILL NOT allow you to keep up with the new tool, techniques and concepts. 

That is where Tantra Coaching comes in Gaia can help and support you:

  • To figure out the old beliefs that are stopping you from truly embracing the human experience
  • Make new neuro pathways to support your tantric goals of awareness and pleasure
  • To the integration of tantra information into a deep understanding and wisdom

What Tantra Coaching looks like:

  • Intake session: Gaia takes your full sexual,relationship history. Also trauma history if you have experienced trauma. This allows her to understand what your sexual beliefs are and how they were created. At the end of the session you will co-create your tantric goals action plan. Length- 1- 3 hours – Flat fee $300- This session can be done online or in person
  • Each session can be a combination of talking and practical tantra practices. Breathing, bodywork, working with sexual energy, emotional opening, chakra awakening and subconscious reprogramming Length of sessions 1- 2 hours – These sessions can be done in person or online

Tantra Coaching packages:

  • Intake and 5 hours- $1550 
  • Intake and 10 hours- $2800
  • Intake and 15 hours – $3750

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars and HST is charged to all Canadian clients. Monthly payment plans are available for extra 10% financing fee 


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