Do you want the benefit of my teachings but the flexibility to study in your own time?


Do you want guidance toward your sexual wellness, orgasm heaven, or other sexual transformation?


Taking online courses you save THOUSANDS of dollars and you get the benefit of Gaia’s valuable wisdom and knowledge for a fraction of the cost!!

Gaia has a variety of courses available.  Some are self-study, and some are guided courses.

Self Study Course ​

The study of something by oneself, through books, records, etc., without direct supervision or attendance in a class. You can download courses online, read, watch video instructions and study them at your own pace. 

Guided Course ​

Allow independent learning in a structured format. Specific days and times where you have a live taught lessons, you can interact and ask questions. 

Course Options

Currently, I have the following course options available.  Find out more about each by clicking below: Will take you to Teachable which is the online classroom platform we use

Sexual Skill Building-Nuts and Bolts of Sex Online Self-Study Program

The Sexual Education you wished you had in high school. Learn the how to be Epic at sex Find out more.

Dawn Of A New Man- Mastery Of Your Life Guided Online Course

Help men find and build their true happy, wealthy, healthy, and sexy life! Come discover how. Find out more.

Tantra for 1-  Self – Study Online Course

Explore the basis of tantra as a solo practice. You do not need a partner. Discover how to live a more epic, pleasure filled and orgasmic life! Find out more

Sexual Wellness Upgrade Self Study

The keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magickal, and epic orgasmic life is; sexual wellness and embracing the human experience. Come discover how. Find out more.

BDSM & KINK 101- Self Study Online course

For Beginners ; Discover the how’s, why’s and what’s of BDSM. Learn about safety on all levels physically, emotionally and psychologically Find out more

Spanking 101- Impact play for beginners Self Study

Spanking 101 was created so you can explore the world of Spanking, kinky sex and BDSM safely with confidence, so that it doesn’t have any negative impacts on your relationship. Find out more.

30 Days to Your Epic Orgasms Self Study

How to become orgasmic, multi-orgasmic and serial-orgasmic. For women (and owners of Vaginas). Find out more.

Relationship Deep Dive Self Study

Tired of being lonely, unhappy and being in distressed relationships? Come figure out how to improve unhappy relationships in all areas of your life. Find out more.

Conscious Monogamy Self Study

Exploring monogamy from the all angles. The good,bad and ugly. Discover how conscious monogamy  can improve your relationship. Find out more.

Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy- 7 Class Self- Study Course

The honest ins and outs of how to explore Ethical Non- Monogamy safely. It’s for anyone curious or already practicing non-monogamy dig deeper. Find out more.

Pleasure Leads to Profit Self-Study Course

In this self study course, we will dig deep into the relationships between Pleasure, Profit and Productivity.Calling all entrepreneurs! Find out more.

Introduction to Essence – Evergreen

Have you been feeling disconnected, lost and numb? Wishing and hoping that there has to be more to life than THIS? Have you been curious about life’s mysterious unexplained events and experiences. This course shares some key points to awakening and connecting to yourself, the universe and others.  Begin to feel more ALIVE and begin creating your EPIC life!! Find out more.

Essence – Magick for Beginner Level 1 Combo of Self Study & 1on1 Mentor-ship

This is a 16 class- Essence is to teach you how to tap into your magickal self. It is learning ethical Magick for newbies and beginners so you do no harm to self or others. Find out more.


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