Exploration- Sexual Wellness Aspect

The 5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness:


You, as a sexual being now get to spread your wings and start to soar. This aspect helps you to develop and create new healthy sexual core beliefs that are in line with your deep sexual desires; it is the delightful playground of new pleasure possibilities.

What do I mean by ‘explore’? I mean that now you are ready to look at your deepest sexual desires and fantasies. This is a great time for pleasure and self-discovery. It is also time to start sharing your sexual desires and fantasies with your lover(s).

By exploring you will:

  • Learn to trust
  • Take bigger emotional risks
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase intimacy with your lover(s)

This is the time you will start to decide which aspects of exploration you might want to become a reality or keep as your personal fantasies. The Sexual Wellness aspect of exploration is a time when we look at and heal our fears of unworthiness, judgment and core beliefs. These beliefs affect what you feel is okay and what is wrong to express sexually.

Point of Interest

Most peoples’ core beliefs surrounding sexuality are not in line with what our true desires are. As a result, this can make you feel like a freak or that something is wrong with you. Those core sexual beliefs were created in early childhood and youth by others’ ideas and beliefs. Some of those beliefs may be healthy and some may not be. Remember, our culture is deeply afraid of  pleasure and happiness and the expression of either one.

As result of this new self-discovery and acceptance, many people have sought out Alternative Lifestyles and found other people with similar thinking and beliefs.

The Alternative Lifestyles are considered anything that is not a part of our (accepted) societal norms: Hetro-normative

Here are some of those Alternative Lifestyles:

In these lifestyles there are many desirable, pleasurable, adventurous and really scary moments. Let me guide you to having positive moments and experiences rather than allowing the scary and emotionally painful ones to affect your true desires.


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