40 best sex podcasts of 2020

Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette is the host of the top 2 sex podcast : Tickle.Life and My Orgasmic Life

The Curve Show

Kat Leonard and Meghan Bradley discuss aspects of sexual health with a banana and Gaia Morrissette, Sexual Wellness Expert.

Sex, Sexuality, and Sensuality with Gaia Morrissette

Get Your Sex on with Sexual Healer and Author, Gaia Morrissette

What does it mean to be horny ? Why do people feel the need to release their feelings as soon as they get it, why can’t you embrace the feeling instead of releasing it? Gaia on our podcast tells ALL and inspires you on how to embrace you sexuality!

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Episode 148: Saying YES to Pleasure with Gaia Morrissette, Sexual Wellness Coach and BDSM Life Coach. We discuess the importance of pleasure and how it is the missing link to happiness, abundance, health and intimacy with yourself and the universe.


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