Tantra for 1-Fullday Events

Tantra for 1- Full Day Events explore the basics of tantra as a solo practice. You do not need a partner.  Gaia believes that the foundation of tantric and personal enlightenment starts with SELF! So if you are in partnership with others have them join you as you both explore the basics of Tantra and develop your individual solo practices together. Then in the near future you can learn how to co-create sexual energy together without being codependent. To understand Tantra deeper

These full day Tantra for 1-events can be done online or in person. Unlike Tantra for 1 – self study online course you get to interact with Gaia and your fellow participates. Being able to ask YOUR questions. Also building community and making new friends and connections.

Discover how to live a more epic , pleasure filled and orgasmic life! If you desire to deepen your relationships, improve your communication and bring your sexual relationships with yourself and/or others to new levels of pleasure, delight and spiritual bliss, Tantra is for you.

Benefits of practicing Tantra and succulent living:​

  • Allows you to be more present in your body and to receive pleasure all over your body
  • Supports personal emotional growth and healing – find joy and inner peace
  • Deepens your spiritual connection – feel connected to something larger than yourself
  • Helps you to build trust and open your heart
  • Allows for deeper sexual experience with yourself and others
  • Allows you to experience divine love ecstasy
  • Makes sensual, sexual pleasure available in every area of your life: Even while you are standing in line at the bank
  • Helps you connect, communicate with the Universe, Higher Self and/or God
  • Allows your soul to dance, sing and explore with your partner’s soul
  • Promotes sexual, physical emotional health
  • Helps you become an amazingly skilled lover
  • There are endless possibilities of joy, inner peace and pleasure awaiting you.
  • Start mastery and management of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours

This full day Tantra for 1- Event will help you:

  • Be more present in your daily life
  • Mindful
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Become an ethical pleasure seeker
  • Develop a basic understanding on sexual energy
  • Build sexual energy
  • Be a more orgasmic and divine person
  • Make the universe and divine your lover
  • Have more orgasms during sexual activity
  • Be able to experience full range of orgasmic possibilities
  • Be able to have non-genital orgasms in all areas of your life
  • Truly embrace the Human Experience
  • Navigate Judgement

Location/ Details:


  • March 28th, 2021 – Time: 10am – 3pm Investment: $300/person
  • Open to singles,couples, gender, LGBTQ+ , Relationship styles

Investment includes :

  • Workbook
  • Lifetime free access to Gaia Tantra for 1 Self-Study online course ( value of $497.00)

Live in person: TBA – Waterloo and Costa Rica depending on COVID-19

As another beautiful offering and gift, Gaia is sharing her knowledge and time for a fraction of the cost in this group learning experience it is her way of giving back to the community and the world. To Spend that much time with Gaia’s time is usually cost your $1500.  To create a safe and more intimacy experience for you there are only 10 spots available, so secure your seat today

Have a sensual, pleasure-filled bum wiggling day! Gaia Morrissette


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