Sensuality-Sexual Wellness Aspect

The 5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness:


Sensuality is being fully in your body and moving through the world with your senses awake. Your five senses are: Smell, Taste, Touch, Sight and Sound. Allow yourself permission to experience sensory pleasure moments throughout your day. When you allow yourself sensory pleasure in this way, there is a greater orgasmic payoff.

You will experience more intense orgasmic pleasure, multiple orgasms, and of course toe curling orgasms become possible. Women and vagina owners will have an easier time experiencing orgasm, as well are more likely to desire to have sex more often. Woohoo! Men and penis owners will become more aware of their body which will in turn help to slow down their ejaculation and increase pleasure.

 Let’s take a minute to talk about sexual arousal.​

  • When we are completely disconnected from sensory pleasure in our bodies then how can we expect to be horny when it comes time to have sex?
  • If you are not horny why would you want to have sex?

Sexual arousal starts with daily sensory pleasure moments like:

  • Feeling the sunshine on your face
  • The smell of freshly brewed coffee
  • Tasting chocolate in your mouth
  • Hearing your favourite music on the radio.

​Each sensory pleasure moment is a building block to sexual arousal. The more pleasure moments you allow yourself to have, the more sexual arousal builds.


Sensory Awakening Exercise:

Here is a great exercise to start increasing your sensuality and sensory awareness

Sensory awakening exercise

  • program your cell phone alarm to go off every 2 hours
  • each day pick a sense you are awakening Smell, taste, touch , sight or sound
  • when the alarm goes off take 5 seconds to focus on your chosen sense

Do this for two weeks and see the difference.


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